This Woman’s Freestyle About Kanye West Sums Up What We’re All Feeling About Him Lately
Courtesy of Jane Oranika, aka Chika/Facebook

Social media femcee sensation Chika Oranika has been dropping fire verses for months, often putting her lyrical spin to fresh new music.

But it is the Nigerian-American rapper’s most recent verse, aimed at Kanye West, that is catching everyone’s eye this week. The video has received just under three million views on Twitter in 24 hours.

The 21-year-old Alabama native wrote an open rap letter to ‘Ye in response to his controversial tweets over the past week. Kanye claimed that he loved President Donald Trump, stepped out in a MAGA hat, and praised a Black conservative who has openly dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement — among other things.

Trump himself affirmed Kanye, tweeting “Thank you Kanye, very cool!” amidst the Yeezy storm that internet had to endure

“Now Mr. West take a seat, I implore ya,” Oranika starts over Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” beat, and from there she went on to criticize him for how his recent comments were at the expense of black folk.

“Kim gave you the box, and now we know you can afford her,” she spits. “It don’t matter how much you have or you lack, when that check clears don’t forget your children are still black.”

She continued: “And your music has been wack, and your views are moving back to a day that triggers n*ggas because we still hear that whip crack.”

Towards the end, she takes Kanye to task for turning his back on the group that first put him on the map.

“I gotta admit it, I’m annoyed, you came up on n*ggas’ coin. We thought you could fill a void. You a puppet,” she said. “You looked at all your fans and said ‘f**k it, I’m on now’. That n*gga from ‘Graduation’, sorry y’all, he gone now.”

The many that have viewed the video have praised Oranika’s lyrical skills and her spot-on criticism. She also recently made waves responding to J Cole’s “1985 (Intro To ‘The Fall Off’)” — in which Cole lectures an unnamed rapper. Last year, she wrote a viral pride anthem to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You.” 

Her plan is to make it big one day. According to HipHop DX, she recently just moved to New York and is working on a poetry book.

“If you don’t know me by now, I promise you will by the end of the year,” she tweeted earlier this year. “Nothing stopping me anymore. Shoutout to female rap.”