‘Just Mercy’ Teaser Puts Jamie Foxx And Michael B. Jordan On Display
Warner Bros.

The trailer for Michael B. Jordan’s Just Mercy hasn’t arrived yet, but the new teaser for the film is giving us a hint of what to expect.

Based on the memoir by Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy follows Stevenson as a young lawyer who moves to Alabama to defend those who have been wrongfully convicted and cannot afford representation.

The teaser includes a glimpse of Jordan as Stevenson, Jamie Foxx as Walter McMillian—who was wrongfully imprisoned of murder—and Brie Larson as local advocate Eva Ansley.

Jordan told PEOPLE in August that he hoped the true story would “shed light on those affected by the inequities and implications of our current criminal justice system.”

“It’s easy to ignore statistics; it’s harder when you put a human face to it,” the actor said. “I hope that giving more context to something that’s been happening for such a long time and understanding that it’s still happening will give people a sense of appreciation for the freedom that we have, but also motivate them to demand answers for the injustices that are continually happening today.”

The full trailer for Just Mercy arrives Wednesday, September 3.


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