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While many women in their 20s may try to stay as far away from their fathers as possible while they figure out young adulthood, Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne Foxx have built a catalog of projects together in recent years. The latest of which is Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me, a new sitcom that began streaming on Netflix this past week.

As David Allen Grier told us, the series is something Jamie has been wanting to do for years, and to be able to do it with his daughter producing is almost too special for the Academy Award-winning actor to put into words.

“I think my daughter is just a testament to beautiful sunlight,” Jamie tells ESSENCE. “She’s so smart and when we were talking about Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me, to do it as a television show and to have her produce it — it’s just poetic.”

While it may not come as a surprise to some that a father as famous as Jamie would usher his daughter into the entertainment business, he was quick to point out Corinne’s role as producer is not a case of Hollywood nepotism. “

“People gotta understand she’s not just a figurehead, I mean she’s really running it,” Jamie adds. “I’m on the stage doing some joke and I think it’s funny. She called down to the stage, ‘What is that? That ain’t funny. You trying to get canceled?’ Are you trying to get canceled?’ I said, ‘Wow, it’s like that?’ She was like, ‘Yes, like that. Let’s get it.’ So she’s been very instrumental in making the show what it was.”

Check out the full interview with Jamie and his on-screen daughter Kyla-Drew in the video above.


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