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Jamie Foxx in a high-stakes action comedy is probably our favorite place to see him.

The triple threat’s newest film, Baby Driver is just that, as Foxx plays a character named Bats who’s member of a gang of criminals all hired by a crime boss (Kevin Spacey).

The non-stop film is actor Ansel Elgort’s breakthrough role, and we couldn’t think of anyone better than Foxx to share the screen with. 

“I had never seen something like this before and was impressed at Edgar’s willingness to take a chance with something really fresh and unique,” Foxx said in a statement about the film’s director, Edgar Wright. 

“When it comes to Bats’ character, he is really simple. He wants to get money and he doesn’t want to have to get to know anybody or make any friends. If there are any loose ends or weak links he deals with it in his own special way.”

Ahead of the Baby Driver dropping June 28, we’ve got this exclusive clip from the film. Check it out, above!