#FlashbackFriday: Jade Novah Celebrates Debut Album With Line Dance In NOLA During ESSENCE Fest
The Purple Agency
Singer-songwriter Jade Novah is one of music’s rapidly rising stars. First finding viral fame after releasing covers and parodying Beyoncé, Novah has since shifted gears, releasing her debut album, All Blue. She’s also released videos for the album’s titular track and single “Intuition.” Recently, Novah headed down to New Orleans during ESSENCE Fest to celebrate the release of her album with a line performance that saw fans joining in on the phone.
The singer told ESSENCE that shooting the video in NOLA during the festival was a no-brainer. “Essencefest is a really, really cool event for black women and a huge part of my audience is black women,” she explained. “I’m a black woman and I know that the event brings so many dope women of all colors to New Orleans. The city’s so charming, it’s just such a cool vibe down there.” The vibe comes through in Novah’s video — an “energy” Novah says she loved seeing. “It’s nothing like black female energy and that was radiating everywhere. It was crazy seeing so many beautiful black women in the streets, you know. Everywhere we would just stop and everyone would say, ‘Oh, look at your hair,’ or this, or that, and it was just a really cool experience.” Novah hopes to hit the road soon to support her debut with plans to stop in her hometown, Cleveland and Atlanta. “I started my solo journey in Atlanta, so both [cities] are kind of like my hometown in different ways,” she noted. Check out the video of Novah’s NOLA line performance above. You can find All Blue on Apple Music and Spotify.


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