‘Insecure’s’ Prentice Penny On The Insanity Of ‘Due North’ And Those Tiffany And Derek Theories

The finale of Insecure‘s second season had everyone talking. Fans finally got to see Issa (Issa Rae) and Lawrence (Jay Ellis) get closure after their insane breakup and we were even treated to a brief alternative to how Issa and Lawrence’s lives could have ended up had they stayed together.

Showrunner Prentice Penny spoke to Vulture, where he dished on two of the internet’s biggest conversations: Due North and Tiffany and Derek’s marriage. 

“Their marriage is great!” Penny told Vulture. “What do you mean what’s going on in their marriage? They’ve got a baby on the way…”

Really? “Well, I think you gotta keep watching and something could come out, you know,” he added, laughing. “Now I don’t want to say anything, like this was never our intention! I’m seeing all these internet things saying, ‘Tiffany’s not carrying Derek’s baby! That’s that Fred guy’s baby!’ It’s so funny. I kinda like seeing these Derek-Tiffany stans. We might lean into that more and keep people guessing about their marriage.”

We definitely wouldn’t complain about Tiffany and Derek getting a little more screen time, their marriage is really a mystery to most fans.

Penny also talked about everyone’s favorite show within a show, Due North.

The showrunner revealed that there were initally going to be 12 scenes for the fake show, including 12 smaller “next on” clips. They were cut down to a handful, but those few have made a lasting impression. 

Still, there was one joke involving Scott Foley and Regina Hall that didn’t make the cut. 

“In that scene where Regina Hall is about to go down on Scott Foley and he’s standing over her, as she was unzipping his pants, he had one line that was like, ‘I need you to emancipate him!’ All the crazy Civil War double entendres you can think of were in there. Michael Jai White had a line where he told Regina Hall that she let [Foley] ‘swing low on her sweet chariot,’ but [White] had another one-liner, like, ‘you let him go below the Mason-Dixon.’ It was just hilarious.”

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