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I Turn My Camera On, Episode 2: Keke Palmer Tells Lance Gross, 'Being A Girl Boss Means Not Playing By The Rules'


Episode two of Lance Gross’s new digital miniseries ‘I Turn My Camera On,’ sees Lance sit down with actress and songstress Keke Palmer.

In between their high energy photo session, the two engage in a thought-provoking conversation, which kicks off with each sharing their personal definitions of what it means to have power or be powerful.

“Power for me is taking control of your life and knowing that you can do anything,” Lance says. “When you tell yourself that you can do something and you know that you worked hard to get there and then you actually get there, it’s a certain type of power that you have and that can’t be taken away from you. So, if you believe yourself, you’re powerful.”

For Keke, the most value in having power is how you use it to influence those like you to believe in themselves and know that they can achieve anything they work hard for.

Lance Gross

“To me, power is influence,” Keke says. “When I think about power, I think about people that have influence or something that is of influence. It’s so awesome, the age we’re in with social media because I feel like I’m more capable now to show the people of my generation that I’m just like them. And that, I feel like, is the best way that I can empower them.”

The multitalented young starlet also weighs in on a few other topics including her fears and insecurities, who inspires her and why being a “Girl Boss” means not playing by the rules. Click HERE to watch the full 8-minute episode.


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