How One Musician Is Inspiring Change On The Red Carpet
Monica Schipper

On Sunday night the Grammys will be upon us with stars walking the red carpet dressed to the nines and answering questions like, “What are you wearing?” But, one artist is hoping to take the conversation to the next level.

Singer and producer Santigold recently teamed up with Absolut Lime for a social campaign that asks, “What causes are important to you?”

For Santigold, using her platform to create change is an opportunity not to be missed. “I feel like as artists we have a special opportunity to do that,” she told ESSENCE, adding that she doesn’t see it as an artist’s responsibility but a privilege. “I feel like everybody has a different gift, a way that they help and communicate. Some people go out to protests and some people write a song and I think that all those ways are valid and really important. Everybody doesn’t do it the same way. But, I think, obviously it would be a great opportunity to use that spotlight, to use that platform to say something and to encourage people to use their voice as well.”

The #RefreshTheTalk campaign will also give fans a chance to interact. They can use the hashtag to share the issues important to them and what they’d like hear discussed on the red carpet. 

The campaign is a way to get people thinking, talking, and figuring out ways to make change. “I think what’s really important right now is to recognize that any of these injustices, there’s so many different things going one, but we all are affected by any prejudices and injustices,” Santigold said, “We really need to align ourselves and realize that we are all in this together.”