After the Show: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Recap: “Let’s Get to Scooping”

Last week’s teaser for tonight’s episode had us waiting all night for those last nine words. But when our girl Annalise took off the wig, the lashes, and the makeup, and then quietly confronted her husband with “Why is your penis on a dead girls phone?,” it’d be the second time I’d gasped for the night. (The first involves Connor Walsh and what he did to make a man’s eyes water. Good lawd.) Before we start speculating what Conner did, let’s look at what else we saw tonight:


• Asher Millstone (Orange Is the New Black’s Matt McGorry) seems to be clueless about Sam’s death. As the rest of the-dead-body-removal-crew contemplates their next steps, Asher’s banging on the door demanding his trophy. Will he join the body cover up down the road?


• Asher is also a royal jerk—outing Annalise’s strategy for finding the traitor in the insider trading case. But I’m glad Carla (guest star Karen Malina White, who played a teen mom Kaneesha in Lean on Me) saw through his arrogance when he came sniffing around her desk. When asked about her cat collection, Carla delivered one of the many shocking lines of the night: “You’re not here to talk about my pussies.” Meow.


• Rebecca Sutter is in the room with Sam’s body. Now that it’s proven she was coerced into confessing she murdered Lila, did she knock Sam in the head instead? Call Wes afterwards and say something like, I don’t know what I’ve just done. Help me bae and wear a hoodie.


• Conner Walsh has a certain set of (sexual) skills and he will use them to win a case. Rest in peace, Pax.


• Wes Gibbons is still the man. Although he was on the bench most of the episode, in those last minutes he convinces Annalise he can handle the weight of keeping mum about what’s on Lila’s phone. I don’t know about you, but didn’t he grow about 5 inches taller in that scene?


• Final word: Purple looks amazing on Viola Davis. That is all.


What was your OMG moment on tonight’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder?