How To Get Away With Murder Recap: ‘Hello Raskolnikov’
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English nerds rejoice! All those hours spent reading Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” in high school paid off when How To Get Away with Murder roared back into our living rooms after the longest 10-week hiatus in the history of TV. OK, so it wasn’t the longest midseason break ever but it sure felt like it. That’s because the last time we saw Annalise and the gang, Wes was trying to say sorry to Sam’s dead body only to be interrupted by Annalise, who was sitting at her desk in the dark, telling her star student he had no reason to apologize. So just who is our Raskolnikov – in case you missed it, the name of the episode was “Hello Raskolnikov.” An educated gambler would place their duckets on Connor, the very English nerd who made the reference in the first place. Despite Wes’ declaration that no one there was Raskolnikov, Connor is a lot like the “Crime and Punishment” protagonist. No, he isn’t so poor that he had to drop out of law school. But because of the guilt and PTSD of Sam’s murder, Connor is cracking. The pressure mounted so much that he convinced Michaela – and nearly Laurel before she flipped the script – to go to the police and rat out Wes in exchange for lesser charges and cleaner consciences. Just when it seemed like they were going to snitch, Annalise and Wes swooped in and stopped them dead in their tracks. Thanks, Laurel. So gangster. But seriously, can Connor be trusted? Gulp. Connor’s desire to come clean wasn’t the only thing that had people tweeting up a storm. The exchange between Annalise and Nate had people wondering who had the better game – her or him? On one hand, Annalise was telling the truth. She isn’t a monster but she’s a darn good liar in a flattering new wig. Meanwhile, Nate clearly cares for this woman but even as he gently kissed her lips, he was looking at her kind of sideways. Tweeters picked up on that, too. Some fans even wondered if the side eye that the lady detective gave Annalise during questioning meant that she too had been one of Nate’s lovers – or maybe she just wants to be. Time will tell. Other highlights included Annalise telling Frank everything but keeping Bonnie in the dark, Annalise putting D.A. Wendy Parks in her place with a win, Connor and Michaela’s bickering, and a hilarious Asher telling the cops about his hookup with Bonnie. Oh, and how boss is it that Annalise’s class is going to help Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Conner get away with killing Sam? Welcome back HTGAWM. We missed you. What did you think of the return installment? Share your thoughts below:


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