It was kiss and tell time on the latest installment of How To Get Away with Murder

Folks were doing more than kissing, of course, but it seemed like no one could keep their mouths closed after puckering up. The only exception was that lying scoundrel Sam who appears to have severe allergies to the truth. Viewers are growing tired of Sam’s truth-free lips, too:

In contrast, Lila couldn’t help but reveal everything. In life, she shared the details of her affair with Rebecca. And even in death, her corpse and cell phone expose Sam for the two-faced philanderer he is. 

Speaking of philandering, who saw that twist coming in the client of the week’s case? It appeared as though the mom, Annalise’s sleeping pill popping client, had murdered her nanny while sleepwalking.  But thanks to the son kissing and telling, we learned that the husband and the son were both bedding the nanny and both caught the same sexually transmitted disease from her. Ewww! So that’s why the husband killed the nanny.

And this zinger: 

Later, when Bonnie confronted Sam about Lila’s pregnancy something he denied knowing about, Sam kissed Bonnie to keep her quiet. Why Bonnie thought it was a good idea to then tell Annalise about the kiss and Sam not being a “good man” is unclear. Earlier in the episode, Annalise called Bonnie a “pathetic mousy presence.” Despite such a harsh diss, Bonnie ran to Annalise to tell her about Sam — and then Annalise fired her. Talk about shooting the messenger.

But Annalise had something for Sam, in case you thought he had escaped her wrath scot-free. When he got home, Annalise told him that she was going to push for a motion to have all the men in Lila’s life DNA tested, including her teachers. Boom!

Now, how can fans think Annalise killed Sam after she dropped such a bomb? Besides, Rebecca is heading over to Annalise’s with a thumb drive to steal evidence and Michaela has the trophy, making them likelier suspects. Whodunnit? We’ll find out on next week’s midseason finale. 

It should also be noted that fans couldn’t help but blow kisses at guest star Lynn Whitfield, who played Michaela’s future mother-in-law —  that is if she signs that prenup. Viewers were so smitten they said they wanted Whitfield and Joe Morton from Scandal to do some kind of crossover performance. Others loved how Whitfield’s character put Michaela in her place. 

What did you think of this week’s HTGAWM directed by the one and only Debbie Allen? More importantly, who do you think killed Sam or #WhoKilledSam? Weigh in below.