Oh How To Get Away with Murder you had us going there.

You criminal geniuses had us following #WhoKilledSam but that was a total MacGuffin. Although we did find out who killed Sam – more on that later – the REAL mystery behind the fall finale episode, Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me was how much Annalise knew.

First, she confessed to Sam that she was messing around with her sidepiece Nate (Billy Brown, The Following) around the same time Sam was getting busy with Lila. Then Sam grew crazy and violent, strangling his wife and topping off his physical attack with a verbal insult by calling Annalise a “disgusting slut.” Yikes. That was harsh. Fans thought so too:

So did executive producer Shonda Rhimes:

The craziest part wasn’t that Sam was choking Annalise. It was that it looked like this horrible fight was pillow talk at one point. Seriously. These two looked aroused. 

Thankfully, they weren’t going there and after their sloppy argument ended, Annalise left. Then Michaela came over to their house with the trophy babbling on and annoying Sam and then Rebecca barged in to steal Sam’s computer. Awkward! That’s when things got super crazy. Michaela called Wes for backup and like a modern-day version of the Mystery Machine, the gang – Wes, Connor and Laurel – arrived in their jeep all set to save the day. 

Amid the chaos, Sam tried to get Rebecca’s thumb drive out of Michaela’s hand. Of course Michaela was too fast for him and Sam fell over the banister to what looked like his death. BUT like Michael Myers’ handsome cousin, Sam jumped up once everyone came down to the first floor and started choking Rebecca. (Man, this guy sure likes to choke women folk!) That’s when someone clocked him in the back of the head with the trophy. And the murderer WAS … our man Wes! No way?! But here’s the thing, that was only 15 minutes into the show so we should’ve known there was more.

We should’ve known that it was too convenient that Annalise would be over Nate’s place looking all vulnerable and beddable while her students disposed of Sam’s body.

Speaking of bodies, did you see Nate’s muscles? Well, we did and that ex-cop has it going on.

Anyway, back to Annalise. We should’ve been suspicious when she kept calling Sam and then left the most heartfelt voicemail message in the history of wives leaving voicemail messages. It should’ve struck us as odd when she called Bonnie sounding incredibly distraught and asking Bonnie, who she just fired, to come over and round up everyone. The same Bonnie, of course, who was enjoying a post-coital moment with Asher of all people. How that happened is another mystery because Bonnie’s seduction of Asher sounded so robotic it was more Siri than serious.

Yes, all of these things – especially how calculated Wes was about getting rid of the body and the evidence – should’ve tipped us off but none of it did. That’s what made the ending so awesome when we learned that Annalise was Wes’ felonious and shadowy tutor and that she helped him and herself get away with murder. When this was revealed and we all realized Annalise is the monstrous mastermind we thought she might be, folks were completely and utterly shocked. I mean we knew she could be a beast but that right there?

And the best line was when Annalise said “Don’t be” in response to Wes’ apology to Sam’s dead and bloody body. Those three words Blew. Our. Minds. 


AND this: