HBO to Develop Comedy From Oprah
Getty Images

Oprah will team up with Diablo Cody to create a comedy based on Dr. Julie Holland’s new book, Moody Bitches.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show, set to be developed by HBO, will pull directly from the pages of Dr. Holland’s own life as a psychiatrist. As the book’s extended title suggests, the upcoming series will take a closer (and funny look) at “the truth about the drugs you’re taking, the sex you’re not having, the sleep you’re missing and what’s really making you crazy.”

Although Oprah won’t be in front of the camera this time around, she’ll lend her name as executive producer and her company, Harpo Films, will produce the show. Cody will not only jump on board as co-executive producer, but she’ll write the show as well.

There’s no word when the project will get underway.