News broke a few years ago a Good Times movie was being developed — we even came up with our ideal cast — and now it looks like the project is moving forward.

Earlier this year, cast members from the series launched a Kickstarter to make their own Good Times movie, but it seems now there’s a new plan in development. 

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Variety reports that Sony is in the early stages of rebooting the classic series, along with the historic Jeffersons show. Norman Lear, the creator behind both shows, has reportedly met with Sony executives to begin planning a miniseries that will feature new actors working from original scripts and recreating classic episodes.

“There is some talk about doing some of the original shows, redoing them with today’s stars,” Lear confirmed. “There is a possibility that we’ll do All in the FamilyMaudeThe JeffersonsGood Times.”

If you’re a Good Times fan, it sounds like there will be a lot to look forward to. Stay tuned.