Glastonbury Tried To Play Janet Jackson In Their Lineup Poster. She Corrected It.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Janet Jackson has joined the lineup for the iconic Glastonbury Festival this year — and she’s very clear that she is the most important act. Fans noticed that when Jackson shared the news Monday, she had made some changes to the official festival poster.
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Indeed, the version of the poster she shared was different than the version shared by the official Glastonbury account: she had moved her name to the top of the lineup. Fans noticed the change immediately, and praised their queen! Glastonbury Festival 2019 sold out in half an hour when tickets first went on sale last October, despite the lack of a lineup at the time, Billboard reports. Although there was no festival last year, about 200,000 people are due to attend the June festival in Somerset, England. Others on this year’s lineup include The Killers, Kylie, Stormzy and Lauryn Hill. You better put some respeck on Ms. Jackson’s name!


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