The commonality in women is what makes us —ideally— all get along. Yes, every woman has her own personality, but a girls trip brings out the same impulses and reactions that make the excursion special. As we celebrate the arrival of Girls Trip (currently in theaters) see if any of the scenarios we’ve rounded up, you can relate to. 

1. The smell of burning hair
There’s a moment in Girls Trip when Queen Latifah’s character flat irons her hair, which immediately takes us back to every prep session we’ve had with our girlfriends. The smell of hair being straightened by a flat iron, hot comb or curling iron is something every Black girl can relate to.

2. The matching outfits
This is honestly an every girl thing, because sharing is caring. During your trip there’s never anything to worry about in terms of getting dressed, because someone will always have an extra heel, earring or dress to get you looking right.


3. Sing-a-long sessions
It could be the cab ride from the airport or just getting ready for dinner, but there’s always a moment everyone on the girls trip coordinates their voices to sing a favorite jam. An oldie but goodie is Beyoncé’s “Kitty Kat.”

4. Group prayer
More than likely everyone, or at least one person in your crew, prays. Never neglecting their faith, it’s always sweet when prayers are shared as a group before bed or even before a meal to cement the love and give thanks.


5. Egging on the lightweight drinker
Everyone can’t exactly throw back a glass of Hennessy like water. Like Jada Pinkett Smith’s character in the film, you may need to kindly coerce the more timid friend into drinking enough to feel good, but still be in her safe space.

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6. The corner store trip
Someone always, always, always forgets something on a girls trip. From eye liner to tweezers or even a crotchet needle to fix a weave track, every Black girl can relate to the quick store run.

7. Finding the best light
Black don’t crack, but it does glow in the best light. We’ve all had those moments of trying to position the camera to reflect the best light for a group selfie. Tip: face the opposite side of where the sun is reflecting.

8. The designated DJ
She knows the Top 10 but she’s also well-versed in old school hits. This friend always has music on deck on her phone or laptop for those times when you’re hanging out in the hotel— and her music sets the tone of the vacation.

9. Finding the ‘hook up’
There’s always one friend who always has a hook-up at the best clubs, events or restaurants to guarantee fun for the entire group. There’s nothing better than a regular night of fun turning into a VIP experience, because this girlfriend is cool with the bouncer or owner of the establishment.

10. The dance circle
Inevitably there will be a night of partying, and there’s nothing better than when your hype group of friends turn into the center of attention. Every Black girl can relate to the moment the crowd separates and creates a circle around best dancer.



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