In ESSENCE’s Game of Thrones Group Chat, Assistant Entertainment Editor Sydney Scott and Supervising Producer Sean Wellington break down each episode of the final season of HBO’s hit fantasy drama. 

When the series finale, “The Iron Throne” begins, Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow and Ser Davos are surveying the damage caused by Dany in King’s Landing.

Sean: My death predictions for this week are Tyrion and Grey Worm.

Sydney: I think Dany’s gonna die. They’re leaning so heavily toward it, but as long as Sansa, Arya, and Grey Worm make it to the end I’m fine.

Sean: Grey Worm and Jon shared a weird look last week. Grey Worm is the last person in the world loyal to Dany. Jon’s gonna have to go through him.

Sydney: I think that was just Kit Harington trying to look shocked.

After winning the war, Dany gives an impassioned speech to her army, saying they’ll continue to free the Seven Kingdoms. The army is hype, but Tyrion and Jon are scared because clearly Dany doesn’t know when enough is enough. In their minds, the war has been won.

Sean: Is the dragon flapping his wings along with The Unsullied?

Sydney: He’s feeling the vibe. I wouldn’t mind Arya killing Dany…

Sean: She can’t kill everyone. Arya’s basically Batman now.

Sydney: She’s the hero we deserve! Good to see Jon Snow still wearing his clown suit though. I need him to get a grip.

After Tyrion realizes he’s made a huge mistake in advising Dany, he gives up his position as Her Hand. Dany then locks him up as her prisoner. Jon visits Tyrion in prison where he tries to convince “the rightful heir to the throne” to kill Dany.

Sean: Jon snow is quoting his Night’s Watch maester…

Sydney: I’m hoping Tyrion talks sense into him. This is too much; something bad is about to happen.

Later, Jon goes to visit his lover/aunt, Dany.

Sydney: He killed her! He finally used his brain!

Sean: Uhhhh. But there’s like two armies outside and a dragon.

Sydney: LOL! Jon trying to stand up to Drogon like he really about to do something.

Time has passed since the queen has died. Now the seven kingdoms must pick a new leader. For some odd reason, Tyrion is let out of captivity to help in the occasion.

Sydney: Who are half of these people??! Edmure is alive!

Sean: LOL! Y’all want us to pick a king like a pop quiz?!

Sydney: LMAO! They really said f-ck democracy!!! BRAN?????! I’m calling the police! Bran the Broken is a little disrespectful.

As the episode zooms on, Bran, who’s now king of the six kingdoms (after his sister refused to give up Winterfell) we find out that Tyrion is Hand along with other positions Bran has chosen.

Sean: Sam’s a maester! And it looks like Bronn is the Lord of High Garden.

Sydney: I’m happy for Bronn. He’s finally getting what he’s owed.

Sean: Sheesh! Bron is Master of Coin too!

Sydney: Sansa is queen of the north! You love to see it.

Sean: I guess Jon is just going to live beyond the wall instead of being in the Night’s Watch.

Sydney: I can’t believe this. Honestly, what was the point of finding out he’s a Targaryen?! That really took us nowhere.

Sean: I guess that’s the only thing that stopped Drogon from killing him for stabbing Dany.

Sydney: This finale did so many people dirty.

Sean: I’ll give it a C-plus. The prince, who was promised, meant nothing. Jon’s resurrection didn’t mean anything. What is the Night’s Watch protecting against if the White Walkers are dead? This finale leaves us with more questions than answers. It’s Lost all over again.

Sydney: Omg perfect comparison! Nothing was wrapped up. I am distraught.

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