Who Are You Rooting For On ‘Game Of Thrones’? 

ESSENCE’s Lauren Porter and Sydney Scott talk Daenerys Targaryen’s leadership skills and Arya Starks devilish cooking skills. 

Sydney Scott Jul, 14, 2017
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[MUSIC] We need to talk about Danny. Who? Denaris. Yes let's talk about he mother. Who does not have any leadership skills whatsoever because without those dragons she would be nobody. And you can at me, you can quote me on that, you can tell Danielle herself and her little dragons, because I don't care. And I hope some dragons set that **** on fire. [LAUGH] You guys know where I work, send them dragons. Are you kidding me? She doesn't have any leadership skills. Are you kidding me? None, whatsoever. She has managed to get entire towns together. Because she has dragons. And because she has Tyrion. Well yeah! Without those dragons or Tyrion she'd be like a regular girl. First of all, Tyrion hasn't been there for like two town savings. She's had Jorah, who's in love with her, and who now has the scales- I know! So he cannot come anywhere near her. But Daenerys is like a total queen. But not because she's actually a queen, but because she's a queen. No I'm not into it, I feel like she's a little useless without those dragons, she's just sitting there somewhere and whatever. She should've stayed where she was and not shown up. I'm sorry, I'm not a Danny fan, team Danny like that's you guys out there taking that L but I'm not going to do it. So whose team are you on Sydney because it doesn't sound like you're on anyones team so. [LAUGH] I'm on John Snows team, I'm on the Stark team. Absolutely. Because they need that revenge. Listen to me. I want Arya to come in and just. Slice of everybody. When she fed Walter Frey his own kids. [LAUGH] I was like, she's not playing. When she pulled needle out. It was like I'm coming for that ****. [LAUGH] I was like my god. And Jamie saw the cook she was disguised as and he was like why she looking over here, I'm like, cuz you might get merked. Listen, you only got one hand, bud. You can't do too much. I think the next season that will premier Sunday. Everyone's at King's Landing. You think so? At this point, I think so. Because I know that [INAUDIBLE] uncle who's crazy wants to murder everybody is gonna show up. The [INAUDIBLE]. The [INAUDIBLE] need to stay in th water wherever you at like don't come to [INAUDIBLE]. You're out there for a reason cuz no body wants to be bothered. You're so rude. LIke I'm just being very real. [INAUDIBLE] got his whole **** chopped off, like have some respect. But that's his fault because he's a traitor okay. Anyway. Everyone's headed to King's Landing, and it's gonna go down. It is gonna go down. Who do you think will be the last one standing? I know we won't find out until season eight, but- As much as I don't want it to be, it's gonna be Danny and John. But they're the. What's the prophecy? I know they're part of the prophecy, but I just don't like Danny. Anybody but Danny. Please. You're such a hater. Like, ugh She's terrible. Like, Danny's the epitome of, like, she didn't do a lot. But she's still somehow managed to get to the top. I think I know why. She's a white woman. And she has dragons. [MUSIC]