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ESSENCE's 'Game of Thrones' Group Chat: Winterfell Prepares

Sydney Scott and Sean Wellington recap the final season's second episode, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.”

In ESSENCE’s Game of Thrones Group Chat, Assistant Entertainment Editor Sydney Scott and Supervising Producer Sean Wellington break down each episode of the final season of HBO’s hit fantasy drama. 

When episode two “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” begins,  Daenerys Targaryen is questioning Jaime Lannister, who once killed her father, The Mad King, as he arrives in Winterfell to help fight the Night Walkers.

Sean: We start with Jaime and Dany! This is intense. Jaime has wronged so many people in that castle.

Sydney: Tyrion looks so stupid for believing in his sister [would bring her army to Winterfell]. You know her! Do better.

Sean: I see one man with one hand…the SHADE!

Sydney: She didn’t lie!

Sydney: BRAN! ‘The things we do for love.’ I can’t.

Although Daenerys wanted to put Jaime on trial for his muder, Brienne of Tarth and later Sansa and Jon convince Dany to give him a break and let him help them fight.

Sean: I KNEW Brienne would stand for Jaime, but I didn’t wanna spoil it.

Sydney: Whew! The look dany just threw Sansa! Jon thinking straight now that he realizes he’s been hooking up with his aunt. He shook.

Sean: Lets not forget Jaime shaded Jon when he was leaving for the Night’s Watch in Season one. Jon has no reason to like him either. He’s def shook. They need to address this incest in the episode.

Sydney: They really do because it’s time. Please.

Later, Jaime decides to meet Bran to apologize for pushing him out of the window when Bran accidentally caught Jaime having sex with his own sister, Cersei.

ESSENCE’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Group Chat: Winterfell Prepares

Sean: I can really see the guilt and remorse in Jaime’s face. I’ve never seen that before.

Sydney: ‘How do you know there is an afterwards?!’ Gaze into the future Raven Symone! Let us know!

Sean: LMAO! I need a running list of creepy Bran quotes from this season.SIs this 100% confirmation that Cersei is not lying about the pregnancy cuz I’m still skeptical. Especially since Maggie The Frog (in season four) said she’ll only have three.

Sydney: Yeah, I’m still skeptical too. Jaime is just as dumb as Tyrion.

Sean: Look at Podrick Payne stepping his sword game up.

Sydney: Too bad he’s gonna die. I love Brienne and Jaime’s friendship.

Sean: Hmmm, just friendship? All the long stares and swelling music doesn’t pull at your heart strings?

Sydney: No, absolutely not.

After getting a pep talk from Jorah, Dany seeks out Sansa to seemingly wave an olive branch. It’s clear Dany sees the power Sansa carries in the North and she’ll need her to convince the North to ever truly accept her as queen.

ESSENCE’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Group Chat: Winterfell Prepares

Sean: Wait. Is Dany about to ask Sansa to be her new Hand? Cuz thats awesome.

Sydney: Hope not. Don’t need that at all. Sansa cannot go down with that ship.

Sean: I’m here for the strong northern female leadership. “Men do stupid things for women’ — the story of the Starks.

Sydney: Maybe Sansa and Lady Lyanna Mormont. I’d root for that team

Sean: Lady Mormont can do no wrong in my eyes.

The ladies’ meeting of the minds is cut short when Theon Greyjoy arrives to help in the battle.

Sydney: Sansa and Theon had been the best reunion. PERIOD. Dany is heated.
She’ll never get that kind of respect and love.

Sean: Ugh. I don’t like Theon, still. He doesn’t deserve this redemption arch.

Sydney: They keep talking about the crypts. I don’t like it.

Sean: They’re keeping all the non-fighters in the crypts to protect them. Those crypts will definitely factor into the battle of Winterfell.

ESSENCE’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Group Chat: Winterfell Prepares

Later we see Missandei trying to greet two Winterfell girls who shade her — because she’s Black. Greyworm, her boo, sees the interaction and tries to comfort her. The two then dream about leaving the North and heading back South where they were born.

Sean: Grey Worm and Missandei want a beach, forget this snow. MTHGA (Make The North Great Again).

Sydney: Can you blame them?

As everyone prepares for the Night Walkers to arrive in the morning, per Bran’s vision, we see everyone sending “their last night” differently. While Brienne, Jaimie, Tormund, Podrick, Tyrion and others get drunk around a fire, Arya goes after her crush, Gendry, by having sex for the first time.

Sean: Wow, this is really happening. I wasn’t mentally prepared for this.

Sydney: I don’t like it. I hate it.

Sean: Me either. It feels…out of character for Arya honestly.

And back to the “getting drunk crew,” Jaimie knights his friend, Brienne of Tarth, after the few gathered have a discussion about whether a woman can be a knight. They all agree that women can be knighted.

Sydney: Tormund said, ‘knight my girl!’

Sean: Brienne for Knighthood 2020, I’m With Her

Sydney: A legend!

Sean: This means a lot to her, especially being knighted by Jaimie.

Sydney: She better make it to the end. I swear!

Sean: She better.

Sydney: Jorah is certainly dead. That moment was too tender.

Sean: How many talents does Podrick have?! Oh God, everything is way to peaceful right now. Sh-t’s about to get nuts.

Sydney: Yep.

ESSENCE’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Group Chat: Winterfell Prepares

Finally, at the end of the episode, Jon tells Dany that they’re related and he’s actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Dany, of course, doesn’t take the news too well.

Sydney: Jon can’t even look at Dany

Sean: Jon Snow = ‘It’s not you, its me’

Sydney: It’s us. We’re related! Surprise! Oh shit! Is Dany gonna kill Jon???

Sydney: I might be here for that. Great plot twist.

Sean: But…some of the prophesies said that the Prince who is promised has to kill the woman he loves. So maybe Jon will kill Dany to save the kingdoms?

Sydney: I’m sure that’s more likely how it would go, but I think she’ll make the first move.

Sean: Sydney, next week is going to be apeshit.

Sydney: Insane! These episodes set us up to get emotionally connected to everyone before they die.

Sean: The episodes get longer and longer this season. Next week is a full 60mins. Can’t wait!

Sydney: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!