Well, Things Really Popped Off On Sunday Night’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

WARNING: There are definitely spoilers aheads, so turn back now if you have scene Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones

While last week’s episode of Game of Thrones set everyone on a collision course, Sunday night’s episode accelerated the war for the Iron Throne.

If you were watching along with Twitter, then you know the conversation surrounding the events of season seven’s second episode was just as interesting as the show.

First, we were all excited to see Grey Worm and Missandei finally hook up. FINALLY.




There was another tiny tiff between Jon and Sansa, which will surely turn into something much bigger, especially with Jon now on Littlefinger’s revenge list following their confrontation.

However, Jon also has to worry about his upcoming meeting with Daenerys. He’s been summoned by the dragon queen and is aware that there’s tons of dragon glass at Dragonstone, but is he willing to bend the knee in order to get what he needs?

And, it’s business as usual at Dragonstone. Dany is still somewhat of a flop and Tyrion is really trying to help her, but revenge might get the best of Dany. 

But, the highlight of Sunday’s episode was Euron’s attack on Yara and Theon. With their army and fleet basically destroyed, Yara and Ellaria Sand are taken hostage, along with Ellaria’s daughter Tyene. The other two Sand Snakes are killed and when Theon is taunted by Euron and tasked with fighting for his sister, what does he do? HE JUMPS OFF THE SHIP AND SWIMS AWAY.





While we understand that Theon is suffering from PTSD, it’s still hard to watch as he let’s his sister be taken prisoner. He’s definitely going to have to answer for that later.

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