Today Paul Tollett, CEO of AEG subsidiary Goldenvoice, revealed to the Los Angeles Times that Frank Ocean will headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2023.

“Right now, it’s the Wild West,” Tollett stated. “I’m just trying to be as fair as I can to artists and to the fans to make sure that eventually they get to see everyone that we talked about.”

In previous years, Tollett was hesitant to disclose the names of any performers so far in advance, but he stated that fans deserved some sense of reassurance after the festival being canceled two years in a row due to the effects of a global pandemic.

This year, the famously reclusive R&B artist will celebrate the fifth anniversary of his platinum-selling sophomore studio album, Blonde. For many fans, 2023 will mark a celebration for so much more. Throughout the years, Frank Ocean has provided timeless projects such as Nostalgia, UltraChannel Orange, and his visual album, Endless.

After releasing two songs in 2020, entitled “Cayendo” and “Dear April,” Ocean again went back into creative mode, leaving many to wonder exactly what his next move may be. For over a decade, Lonny Breaux has been credited with advancing the genre of R&B through his experimental recording process.

The above projects, along with countless other features, have made Frank Ocean popular with hardcore R&B elitists and casual fans, alike. In anticipation of him headlining the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2023, here are a few songs that supporters of the musician would love to hear him perform:

“Ivy” (from Blonde, 2016)

“Chanel” (single, 2017)

“Pyramids” (from Channel Orange, 2013)

“Nature Feels” (from Nostalgia, Ultra, 2011)

“Thinkin Bout You” (from Channel Orange, 2013)

“Novacane” (from Nostalgia, Ultra, 2011)


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