‘Fences’ Actor Jovan Adepo Had A Panic Attack When Meeting Denzel Washington
Tim P. Whitby

Fences actor Jovan Adepo, who plays Viola Davis and Denzel Washington’s son in the movie, stopped by The Real to talk about the first time he met Washington.

Adepo told the audience he was incredibly nervous meeting the venerable actor. “I remember like it was yesterday. The whole thing was like a movie,” he explained.

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“It’s like it was raining, we were at Paramount Studios. And I got to the office where they were casting and I freaked out because it was the first time I heard his voice outside of movies and television. He was right across the wall and I had a panic attack.”

Who wouldn’t fall apart in the presence of Denzel Washington?!

You can see the actor recount the embarrassing moment below: