Ever since Sanaa Lathan shocked her fans by revealing she had shaved her head, people have been dying to find out more about the role that made her do the big chop. And now it’s finally here! The trailer for Netflix’s Nappily Ever After was released today and it shows the actress portraying Violet Jones, a woman desperately striving for perfection. Jones is one of those girls who wakes up minutes before her man, brushes her teeth, takes off her scarf, combs her hair then lies back down. “Ever since I was a kid, my hair was everything,” she says in the trailer. “I had to be fixed. Only then was I perfect.”
In the trailer, we see Jones in a familiar scenario — sitting in a kitchen chair, waiting to hear the sizzle from her momma’s hot comb. But her strive to be the perfect girlfriend in an effort to get her boyfriend, Clint, played by Ricky Whittle, to propose backfires when her boyfriend announces he’s leaving her. “You never let your hair down,” he complains. A horrible experience at the hair salon and a few missteps at work leads to a breakdown. In the trailer, we see Jones emotionally shaving her head. We also see the hilarious scene right after that when she realizes what she’s done and lets out a guttural scream. Girl, we get it.

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But the road to self-acceptance is bumpy and paved with a judgmental mother, played by Greenleaf’s Lynn Whitfield. Still, Jones will soon discover what it’s like to live exactly as she pleases. Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, an adaptation of Trisha R. Thomas’s bestselling book of the same name, premieres September 21.


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