EXCLUSIVE: How Long Can Ghost Last In Prison? Things Aren’t Looking Good In This ‘Power’ Sneak Peek 

Myles Aronowitz

Marshal Williams has it out for Ghost and it seems like nothing and no one can stop him.

Sydney Scott Jul, 14, 2017

The fourth episode of Power’s fourth season air Sunday, but we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek of what Ghost is up against.

In the clip, Omari Hardwick’s James “Ghost” St. Patrick encounters Charlie Murphy’s Marshal Williams once again and the ruthless prison guard is out for blood.

Ghost is up against a lot this season after being falsely accused of murdering an undercover officer. Of course, as an accused cop killer, St. Patrick isn’t going to have an easy time inside. 

There seems to be no end in sight as Ghost remains in prison, will he be able to make it out. How much longer does Ghost have before his time and luck run out?