EXCLUSIVE: Mila J’s “No Fux” Isn’t Your Usual Anthem
Jora Frantzis

R&B singer Mila J has a new song and video for slow jam listeners who love a good anthem.

“No Fux” is the singer’s latest declaration that she doesn’t care about or for complicated relationships, but instead of the usual club anthem, Mila slows down an infectious hook, which makes the song much more intimate.

The video has the same feel, “No Fux” is dreamy and a bit voyeuristic. Speaking to ESSENCE about the song and video, Mila says, “I wanted to present it in a pretty way. It sounds pretty, but what I’m saying is pretty real. And, as you follow the story, towards the end ‘No Fux’ is kind of showcasing those vulnerable moments in love.”

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The song is also a reflection of Mila’s feelings about dwelling on the past. Asked about how she’s able to get over things and give no f–ks, the singer said, “I think with maturity you just start realizing that you’re wasting a whole lot of time caring, when you could be moving on to bigger and better things. I’m not saying it’s an easy task. Each and every relationship takes different times to move on from, depending on what you were in. For me, it’s like I look at time as something way more special. You don’t really have the time to care that much to where you waste three years when you could have been productive.”

“No Fux” will appear on the singer’s upcoming project Dopamine, a titled she says came to her after reading This is Your Brain on Music. “It really broke down how our brain reacts to music, what’s released when we hear a song, and why we like certain music. And, dopamine is that chemical that’s released when things just feel good. It is that favorite song and that favorite band. And, I just feel very happy and very free.”

Check out “No fux” above and make sure to add it to your playlist.