EXCLUSIVE: ‘Empire’s’ Cookie And Lucious Have One Of TV’s Most Tumultuous Love Stories
Michael Lavine/ Fox

There is, arguably, no rockier love story than that of Empire‘s Lucious and Cookie Lyon.

The pair have endured murder attempts, infidelity, business deals gone wrong, and betrayal, but somehow they still always find their way back to each other. Heck, Cookie even went to jail for Lucious and they have still somehow managed to build an empire. 

In this ESSENCE exclusive, take a walk down memory lane with the pair and relive their most insane, epic moments. 

You won’t be alone, though. As you exlpore their love, you’ll have Kendrick Lamar’s “Love” to guide you.

Empire is set to return Wednesday, Sept. 27, picking up right where things left off.

We’ll see Lucious struggling to remember his family after a deadly explosion, which Andre and Shyne set up. There will be guest appearances from Demi Moore and Forest Whittaker. And, a possible crossover with showrunner Lee Daniels’ other FOX hit, Star.   

Until then, relive the drama of Lucious and Cookie’s relationship with this exclusive clip. 

Empire returns Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 8pm on FOX.