Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Of The ‘Bobbi Kristina’ Movie
TV One

Only three years after losing her mother, Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away. In the spotlight since birth, the young woman who looked for identity and acceptance in a critical world dealt with demons until the bitter end.

TV One hopes to shed light on the good and bad of Brown’s (who was affectionately called “Krissy”) life in their new film Bobbi Kristina.

Featuring Joy Rovaris in the lead role, the film picks up at the end of Whitney Houston’s life. Brown attempts to grieve her mother’s untimely passing and figure out what she’ll do next.

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“The tabloids painted a picture of two superstars who lived a tumultuous life, but we often forget that in the process a little girl had to grow up in the limelight that she did not chose,” said D’Angela Proctor, TV One Head of Original Programming & Production.

“In its simplest form, Bobbi Kristina is a film about a beautiful mother-daughter relationship intertwined with both of their desires to be loved; one just happened to be a superstar and the other an innocent bystander to her parents’ fame.”

Aside from the controversy within the film, there was controversy in real-time with Bobby Brown seeking legal action to stop the airing of the film. By Thursday, it was confirmed that a judge ruled in TV One’s favor, so the film will go on.

“Krissi, like most young adults shared one side of herself with her family and another side with her her closest friends,” said producer Tracey Baker-Simmons. “This movie is told from that perspective.”