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ESSENCE's 'Game of Thrones' Group Chat: Dany Didn't Give A D--n About That Bell

Assistant Entertainment Editor Sydney Scott and Supervising Producer Sean Wellington break down episode five titled "The Bells."

In ESSENCE’s Game of Thrones Group Chat, Assistant Entertainment Editor Sydney Scott and Supervising Producer Sean Wellington break down each episode of the final season of HBO’s hit fantasy drama. 

Sydney: I hope this episode doesn’t disappoint like last week, but my hopes are not high.

Sean: Not high hopes at all. Death predictions? Cersei that is all.

Sydney: Cersei, maybe Jaime, Varys, and maybe The Mountain and The Hound…

Sean: Varys is snitching off the rip. They’re trying to get Jon on that throne. Who’s he trying to send a raven to?

Sydney: Varys is gonna get himself killed; burned alive…Like, why would you keep pushing it when Jon is obviously not cool with it?

Sean: He’s def gonna burn this episode. Jon is loyal above all else. Tyrion is a G for telling Dany the truth.

Sydney: Jon is loyal and dumb and I know he won’t face any real consequences (couldn’t think of a better word) for that, but he should. Tyrion isn’t being smart either. No one in this situation is really thinking.

When Dany discovers that Varys is trying to put Jon on the Iron Throne, she uses her last dragon to kill him. Jon doesn’t look pleased, but he doesn’t speak up either.

Sean: Welp see ya Varys. Go chill with Littlefinger in the afterlife.

Sydney: Varys is gonna be crispy!

Sean: “Goodbye old friend!” This reminds me of the trial for Joffery’s death.

Sydney: I like that they didn’t gloss over how Missandei’s death affected Dany.

Sean: “If you hear the bells call off the attack.” That’s important information for the battle to come…

Sydney: This battle is gonna be a mess. I have a feeling.

Sean: I have no idea what Sir Davos is gonna do.

Sydney: Probably has something to do with Jaime. It’s always Jaime.

Sean: But Arya looks like she wanna kill Cersei, which might means she’s dying….I may cry.

Sydney: Arya can’t die. I won’t allow it.

ESSENCE’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Group Chat: Dany Didn’t Give A D–n About That Bell

After Jaime snuck away to head south to King’s Landing to be with his twin sister, he’s captured by Dany’s army and made a prisoner. When Tyrion hears of this, he goes to find Jaime.

Sean: Of course he’s gonna let Jaime free, just like Jaime let Tyrion free.

Sydney: If he does, Dany will kill him so I’m here for the drama. Tyrion just played himself.

Sean: This is the last time Jaime and Tyrion will see each other, forever.

Sydney: This battle is so tense. I just have a feeling something is gonna go wrong.

Sean: Yea I’m worried for Arya honestly. We haven’t even seen Cersei appear yet.
She’s clearly using the people as a human shield. Do you think Arya can actually kill her?

Sydney: I don’t know. She learned from those ‘Many Faced’ people so she might be able to.

Sean: The Golden Company are gonna switch sides.

ESSENCE’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Group Chat: Dany Didn’t Give A D–n About That Bell
Big spears/Horse ears/Gol-den Companyyyyy: Harry Strickland (Marc Rissmann) — seriously, that’s his name, Harry Strickland — leads an army of mercenaries in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones

Finally, the battle begins with Dany using her dragon to not only wipe out The Iron Fleet, but also The Golden Company. Her army is now marching into King’s Landing.

Sydney: Yep. It’s over for Cersei.

Sean: Where is Jon Snow? What is Cersei’s plan now?

Sydney: She’s doesn’t have one. She’s done.

Sean: Jaime is her last chance.

Sydney: Cersei’s not gonna surrender. Wow Dany has lost it. LOST IT!

Sean: You know Grey Worm is pissed; he hasn’t gotten a shape up.

Sydney: LMAO. Dany really played herself.

Sean: All the wildfire The Mad King put throughout the city is gonna blow.

ESSENCE’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Group Chat: Dany Didn’t Give A D–n About That Bell

As The Hound, or Clegane, and Arya storm the Red Keep, The Hound convinces Arya to run and that if she stayed she’d die in King’s Landing. He was right because soon his brother, The Mountain, comes down the steps with Cersei and Qyburn, the queen’s hand. Soon, Qyburn is killed when he back talks to The Mountain.

Sydney: Clegane!!!!!! Qyburn!! I did not see that coming.

Sean: Clegane!!

While the two brothers fight in what’s been a highly anticipated battle, they both die by falling off the steps and into fire waiting below.

Sydney: I knew they were both gonna die. Arya gotta take her a-s home. Wait, Jaime and Cersei really going out like this? And Dany had to have killed some of her own people too; the way she was flying around burning up stuff and being careless.

Sean: King’s Landing is destroyed. I don’t know what else is gonna happen from here.

ESSENCE’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Group Chat: Dany Didn’t Give A D–n About That Bell

Sydney: Cersei’s death was disappointing. This episode flopped.

Sean: I still want to know who did Varys send the letters out to?!

Sydney: I hope they answer that in the next episode because who else is there to take over King’s Landing? Yara?

Game of Thrones’ series finale airs next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.