ESSENCE Poll: Are You Still Rooting for Olivia and Fitz on ‘Scandal’?
Richard Cartwright/ABC

Calling all Scandal fans: We know you’re still talking about last night’s episode! Could it have been the most scandalous yet? As viewers nationwide live-tweeted along, the show dropped one shock bomb after another: We learned who shot the President (did you see that coming?), just how far he, the First Lady and the Chief of Staff were willing to go to remain on top, and that the one thing professional problem-solver Olivia Pope can’t seem to fix is her love life.

Spoiler alert! Now that President Grant has added murderer to his résumé and he knows exactly what Olivia, Cyrus and Mellie did to get him into office, it appears he no longer has room in his heart for Olivia, whom he has fought for all season. When he blew her off and patched things up with the First Lady, fans were divided on whether or not it was really Olivia’s loss. What do you think? Should the President and Olivia Pope be together? Or was their love doomed from the start?

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