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[MUSIC] I'm Makho Nolovu and today on Essence Live psychic medium Zya is here. Want her to make a prediction for you, send us your questions right now using #ESSENCELIVE. Plus, slayed or shade is back but right now it's time for the hot list, the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Philando Castille's family has reached a settlement with the City of St. Anthony, Minnesota. The city is giving the family $3 million after one of its officers shot and killed Castille after pulling him over for a busted tail light. But there here's what's interesting. The same city also acquitted the officer who murdered Castille. And according to the New York Times settlement is just a latest in a series of police shootings involving black people. The families of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice also received a $1 million settlement despite the officers being acquitted. Okay America see you won't get these officers any jail time for murdering black people but you would give their families some hush money later? Okay, got it. [MUSIC] Senator Corey Booker and Representative John Lewis held what some are calling a sit-out to protest the Senate's healthcare bill. And Booker streamed The whole thing on Facebook. He posted a statement to his page which read in part quote, we must fight harder for the American people who will suffer, who will get sicker, who will lose loved ones if the Senate Republican plan goes through. Amen Cory! And just in case you think the abolishment on the Obama Care wont affect you, because you work full time, think again. The congressional budget office reports that with the new plan. Employers can choose not to cover basics like maternity care or preventive care that Obama Care required, so you end up paying more. Yeah 45, how's that plan going better again? The ladies of Xscape looked and sounded amazing Sunday night at the BET awards, and we weren't the only ones who were all up in our feelings. @TrenaeCimone tweeted: "I'm emotional AF watching #Xscape perform right now." Come through vocals. And EchoDoesRadio had a letter for the young ones saying, quote, dear children, once upon a time, Tiny was more famous than Ti. We were wondering why she was dating him. #xscape #BETAwards. And 1 more from Fashion_Flexxin. Quote, she says, I'm mad that Xscape's performance was so quick. I wasn't done kickin it. #BETAwards. Now you can see Xscape do a full performance at Essence Festival July 4 in New Orleans. Tickets are on sale right now. I hope to see you there. Chance The Rapper, Solange will also be performing. So go get your tickets, right, yeah? While we're on the BET Awards, can we talk about Future and his daughter on a red carpet? I mean, is her wearing the mask, just like her daddy, cute or a little strange? Send us your comments right now using the hashtag ESSENCELIVE, because we're talking about it in Slayed or Shade next. It's Tuesday, June 27th and ESSENCE Live starts right now. [MUSIC] Welcome to ESSENCE Live, I'm your host Makho Ndlovu. Hey there, come talk to us right now using the hashtag ESSENCELIVE Or email us at ESSENCELIVE@ESSENCE. COM. If you ever wanna come up on the show and sound off on high topics. And speaking of sounding off, it's time for a little Slate or Shade, our panelist today are one of the real housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant, media and television personality Ray Holiday and assistant editor Lauren Porter. Welcome everyone! Hi. Hey. How are you? Good, good, good. So as I mentioned in today's hotlist Future walked BET's red carpet with his adorable eight year old daughter London. Both of them were rocking crystal face masks and some felt the fashion statement was a nod to his hit song Mask Off. But others felt it was entirely inappropriate for the daughter to wear the mask. Considering the song's lyrical content. Panelists, what are your thoughts? On three, are you slaying or shading. Here we go, one, two, three. Pick up your cards. Slayed, slayed, slayed. [LAUGH] Unanimous decision. Okay, Lauren, you go Start. I thought it was absolutely adorable that Future brought his daughter with him, to the BET Awards. And they walked the carpet together. We don't often see Future as a father. You know, he's all about the Molly and the Percocet. Mm-hm. Which is fine, but it's also great to see him about his kids, his daughter. It was a very sweet moment. She looked adorable. He looked great. Mask Each and everything. I love that. Okay, Rae I think we gotta fight the right battle. I think, mask off what it means, what it represents, Far as the chorus is concerned. We're not going to get into the lyrical content, but I thought it was a cute moment. Okay. I also think that when Brad and Angelina are flaunting black babies as props, we didn't really go after them. Not black babies as props, though. Okay, so pick the right battles. Giselle? I mean, I'm all about the marketing and the promotion, and sometimes you've got to use your kids to do it. Now she might need Therapy, for having to wear a muzzle on her face at some point of time in her life, however I'm down with the marketing, get your coins. Okay, you have no problem at all with the song's lyrical content, that wasn't a factor for you? Not the point. Okay, so skipped everyone? Yes. Beautiful red carpet moment Yes, yes, yes. Cute, [INAUDIBLE] daughter forever. Unanimous decision here, let's check in with Kayla over on the social media hot spot. What are people saying about Future's Daddy-Daughter fashion moment? Kayla. Pretty mixed. I mean, for the most part, people are shading it, if you can believe it. They're not feeling it. So naturally beautiful says Shade, Shelafaday says the mass wasn't needed and the comments are rolling in, but they're not looking god. That's so interesting that on Facebook they're totally shading it, my [UNKNOWN] in studio are loving it. Okay. Let's see if we can get another unanimous decision here, moving on to the next story. New Jersey professor, Lisa Durden, has been fired after she appeared on Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight, to defend a black only event hosted by Black Lives Matter. Watch what happens when she was why the event wasn't inclusive of all races. What I say to that is boo hoo hoo. You white people are angry because you couldn't use your white privilege card Whoa, whoa, Lisa to get invited to the black lives matters all black memorial day celebration. Wow! Wow! [LAUGH] Wow! Now, the school's president defends the decision to fire Durden, saying, quote, racism cannot be fought with more racism. All right, panelists, do we shade the college for terminating Lisa, or should Lisa get a Slay for being unapologetic. And one, two, three, go. Shade, Slayed, Shade. Alright, I'll start with you, Giselle. So, the college is wrong for firing her. She only said how we feel. She had the courage enough to say it and I'm not mad at her and thought we had like a fifth amendment, one kind of amendment that you can free speech. Yeah so why we would the school fire her for her just saying what the school probably feels anyway. Valid right? I agree I think Lisa absolutely slayed the entire situation I think we have such a double standard when it comes to what people can say and what that amendment really means. We have a white president who says whatever he wants to say whenever he wants to say, he is got Mexicans he is gating their communities he is done all So it's a foolishness and he's still the President of the United States. And this young lady, who literally said nothing that wasn't true, and nothing that wasn't obesely offensive, is not fired for her opinion. It's wack. It's wack. Alright, Lauren? I definitely think that the school was in the wrong. They Often wanna play the card of like we're inclusive and we want everybody to voice their opinions but when their feelings get hurt then it's an issue, and because she ruffled some feathers by saying exactly what she should have said, she said nothing that was wrong, they were offended, they were hurt And so she got fired and that was very unjust. Yeah. And so if the school had a white only event, that would be inappropriate, right? So you could have a blacks only or you can have a white only. That's called life. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Starbucks that's every day. Yes. I ain't mad That's what it is, all right thank you so much Caleb. What are folks saying on social about this issue Well regarding the professor, defending BLM, Denae Taylor says, I agree with Giselle So Naturally Beautiful says my. And Eleanor Piburn she's slated with the truth. Yes. Truth hurts sometimes, truth hurts sometimes. All right, let's move on to the next story. Now, our next story is about our girl, and mommy to be, Serena Williams. In a recent interview, the former tennis champion, John McEnroe said that if Serena played on the men's circuit, she'd be "like number 700 in the world." He continued, "that doesn't mean I don't think Serena is an incredible player, I do, but the reality of what would happen on any given day is Serena could beat some players, I believe, because she is so incredibly strong mentally Serena has since responded with a tweet that read in part quite, dear John, I adore and respect you but please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. Now it may seem like a pretty obvious choice of who to slay and who to shay, but let's play devil's advocate, does John McEnroe has are male and female athletes separated for a reason? Panels What are your thoughts slay or shade? Here we go. One, two, three. Shade, shade, shade,shade. Rae we're gonna start with you. Thank you. Yes. [LAUGH] So John, the name of John's memoir is but seriously. You should take the but out and put John. John seriously. I mean not number 700. You can not. Defame what she has done. Correct. Her reputation speaks for itself. Her resume speaks for itself. And number 700 is such a joke just in itself based on hard work that she literally [UNKNOWN] has been slaying, her and her sister, have been slaying for years. And for him to put her in that tiny box and say well, she's not a man and men do it better anyway. It was just totally sexist and And a bit racist if you ask me. That's absolutely right. Because if she was a white woman, would you feel the same way? Mm-hm. Good point. Lauren, chime in. I think that he was absolutely incorrect. I mean, Serena has accomplished more in her life than many of us could Even fathom, as an athlete or otherwise, the fact that she won her 23rd Grand Slam while pregnant shuts down his whole argument. You can't point to me an athlete anywhere who can do that, especially on a man. For obvious reasons. But Serena is a world dominating athlete. Man, woman, black, white she is a phenom number one in the world for a reason. John tried it, Gizelle let's you have the last word here. Serena's booty is a better athlete than John could ever be. I'm gay. I mean, she's gonna drop the baby and then slam another grand slam. And he's mad, he's hating. Why are you hating? Right? What? I mean, I don't wanna call you a racist, John, but I mean- Sounds racist-ish. It sounds racist-ish. That was good, yes. Okay, all right. Kayla, whats happening on social? Are people dragging John Mcenroe? What are they saying? They sure are and I'm here to watch with the popcorn. [LAUGH] Okay, so Danay Taylor says John Mcenroe sounds mad to me and he should put some respect on Serena's name. Stacy Mellisa, she's not a man, so why does she need to be rated like one? He is an all around hater. Right. Evelyn Houston is really not here for her. She said McEnroe is an **** who was trying to sell his book by generating controversy about Serena. He should go back to the hole he climbed out of. Ooh ooh! [SOUND] Panelists thank you all for Joining us. I really appreciate it. Now ,coming up, we have [UNKNOWN} and she is ready to do live readings and she says she can predict what's going to happen in your love life or careers and connect you with your deceased love ones. So, if you have a question for her, send them right now using the hashtag [UNKNOWN] .But, right now, here is the beauty director Jillie Wilson with a few dope things on her desk. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] So, we're all on a quest to be centered Well, these incredible balms are aromatherapy. They're these stick balms that you put on your pulse points and you sniff throughout the day to invoke different states of mind. I'm really into this one called Love. There's also ones for happiness, focus, stress less, sleep well and escaped. So something for everyone. I don't know about you but my phone dies all the time which is why I'm loving NIFTY. It is the most powerful portable charger on the market. One charge of the pack will recharge your phone. Four full times, the design is super slim and sexy, it'll fit into your purse really easily, even into your back pocket. I'm also loving the fact that the wire is teeny tiny which means it won't get tangled up in anything and I take it with me everywhere. Let's face it. Sometimes we don't wear sunscreen because it makes us look ashy. Well, there's no more excuses for not wearing SPF. This new product from Glossier is totally awesome. Glossier has come up with an invisible shield, it goes on clear, completely absorbs into your skin like you never had anything on it. Must must have for summer. So that's it, but you know there's always more. Check back next week for Dope Stuff On My Desk. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Hey, whats happening. Charlemagne tha God here. One third of the world's most dangerous wanted show the Breakfast Club and right now you're watching Essence live. Dont you piss this black women off. You dont what no problems [MUSIC] You're watching Essence live I'm your host Makho Ndlovu and joining us now is the woman who says she can see into your future literally as she started her career on fashion before discovering her gift as a psychic medium. PLease welcome Zaya to essence Live, hi Zaya, Hi, thank you. How are you? I'm good, [LAUGH] Good to see you. Okay, so now let's get right into it, explain to us what a medium is. Okay excellent. So a medium and a psychic are slightly different,so a psychic can see like the past the present and the future, and mediums actually speak to the Okay, so whether it's your dead pet, your dead brother, or your dead mom, that's what a medium does. Not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychics because you have to use other senses. Clairaudience, which means you can hear. Clairvoyance means you can see. Clairsentience is what you can feel. So we have to use all of those gifts in order to translate and channel messages. Just from the other side. My gosh, it sounds incredible. [LAUGH] Think about your journey, though. So you started out as a fashion writer. Right. And now we're here. How did that all happen? Wow. So yeah, I graduated from FIT back in 2001, a long time ago, and I started doing events for myself. I created the concept of a shopping party. My first event was The Closet. And then I started having a web TV series called the nlist where I interviewed a ton of celebrities around fashion and beauty. And then from there I kind of just got bored with everything and and then I decided to go overseas. And prior to that, just as I decided to leave my grandmother and my best friend had to. Past, and I always had a few gifts, but I never really understood what was happening to me, and when they passed, I just started being able to speak with both of them, both my grandmother and my friend. And it just got to the point where I was overwhelmed. And then I had a celebrity ghost contact me, Wow. Who was trying to get in touch with his daughter. It was actually Michael Jackson? Really? And this was the summer of 2013, and as you can imagine, it was insane. And I then went and got six weeks training with a woman named Beth Lane. Okay. And she was like, okay, you can go out and be a psychic medium. And I was like, no, I'm gonna go to Vietnam, I don't want anyone to know I can actually do this, bye bye. And basically, I was in Thailand, I ended up staying in Asia for the past three years and London for a bit, studying. And I had a freelance job, a fashion freelance [CROSSTALK] job writing. And it went away August of 2015 and so I had a few people already calling me for readings. And then I needed to eat. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. So you're like I have to get into it. I had to get into it. Yeah And so I was sort of forced to do that and- Like sort of liked [CROSSTALK] So what do you say to people? I mean I'm listening to you now and I'm listening to you say Micheal Jackson's ghost- Yeah Attempted to or did get in touch with you. Yes he did. What do you say to people that are skeptics, and don't necessarily believe or buy into the medium- Into the medium psychic? I'm not here to make someone a believer. I make sure that my guides send me the proper clients. I had a woman recently, she was getting in contact with her husband. And he actually showed me that she had a gas leak. And I said to her, you have a gas leak, please check it out. She emailed me maybe ten days later. She says, my god, you guys saved my life. I actually had a deadly gas leak that was undetectable. My gosh. But she was starting to have fainting spells and headaches. And so I know this is real. And it's not just the medium work, it's also the psychic work. When I look at someone and find out what's holding onto their heart? What are the things that are keeping them blocked and not able to move forward? When I can see the past live and the karmic Attachments that they have, I know this is real. Right, right. Some people will never believe and that's okay. And you're not here to change their minds? I'm not here their minds. Absolutely not. So how does religion fit into this. [LAUGH] Right? That's the million dollar question. Yeah, that's the million dollar question. How do, yeah. How does it fit into- I'm not a religious person. I mean, I remember being six years old. And I was down south in Georgia in my grandmother's church. And I think I asked the pastor where God or Jesus came from. And he couldn't really answer. And I was like, all right, I'm done with this. And I think that was really lucky, because when people have their own gifts, and we're all psychic, yeah? But people have to go through religion a lot. Yeah, Yeah. And, religion a lot of times tells them that people like me aren't necessarily good. Mm-mm And the interesting is most of your spiritual leaders are using these same gifts. But they don't necessarily want their flock to know it. Okay. I won't touch that. Right. I will say there's nothing wrong with mixing it, you know. So the two can co-exist? So for some people, yeah. I believe in God but I also know that we are God, right, and the God in us and the Goddess in us. Zya, okay. This is gonna be really juicy. I'm so excited. We're gonna do a quick break, but when you come back we want to put you to the test Has to do some readings live on ESSENCE LIVE. Are you down Yeah, let's do it. All right. If you want a live reading with Zya send us your questions right now using a #ESSENCELIVE. But first our editors discuss SZAs new buzz worthy album Control. So good. So good. [MUSIC] We need to talk about Sza's new album. I guess, I say Control but I guess it would be just, you would just say the letters. But that's boring, so we're gonna call it Control. Yeah. Ahh! It's so good! [LAUGH] It is. First of all, we've waited so long. So long! I thought I was gonna be an old lady. I thought I was gonna be dead- Literally unable to hear- Before this album got here. By the time this album came out. Thank you. And it was well worth the wait. Thank you Suza for this. She took her time, she grew up her since her last project dropped. Yes. She created a whole new person for herself. Well, really, yeah. She's like a brand new persona [UNKNOWN] that's older and wiser and been through some stuff, and So she's, this album, [SOUND] we can tell she's been through something. But we've all been through something and I think that's why we all love it, because it's so relatable. Absolutely. Who do you think she's talking about in this album? Ooh, that is not a good question. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] She's gotta be, whoever it was, You [BLEEP] up. You really messed up. Okay, well she did mention in an interview on the Breakfast Club that she was talking that [UNKNOWN] is specifically about someone in her past. But when she was heavier, he just loved her for her and she really appreciated that, but how if she had just stepped outside of herself, she would have had a lot more fun during that period in her life, like Gina and Martin. Had she not been so like buttoned up and corporate and stepped outside and been sort of like Pam. She would have enjoyed life better and I appreciated that. Yeah I didn't know that. That's so cool. Yeah it gave me a better perspective of the song because that is one of my least favorite songs on the album. I don't skip it. Anyway okay that's one of my favorite songs so I'm glad to know that back story. Can we talk about her mom? [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, yes. So true. Her mom be out her dropping gems like, listen Solana, don't let these men play you. [LAUGH] It just makes you feel like your mom is there giving you advice. Absolutely, I feel like I was talking to one of my aunties and she was just like, Spilling me the real after some real life stuff that she's been through. And I was just like Seriously. I want it all. Just tell me what I need to avoid. Ladies, if you're having love troubles, just talk to your mom. Like Or just listen to Sza's album and listen to her mom. Listen to somebody's mom cuz they've got wisdom. Most of the time. Pick your moms carefully. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] You're watching Essence live. I'm your host Makho Ndlovu and I'm joined today by Zaya who went from working in the fashion biz to connecting with the ancestors as a psychic medium. And she is even had some celebrity clients, here is the story From Miss Jessie's founder, Miko Branch, explaining how Zya helped her. Quote, Zya shared that she had a message for me from my sister Titi. I paused. Typically, I have a discerning nature, but somehow, something told me that I should trust Zya Desire. I believe that she was, in fact, connected to my sister and so I allow Zya to act as a vessel. Wow, that really sounds intense. So what was that experience like and can you share what message TT had for Nico? It was an amazing experience Experience. They had been my hair dressers in the past. But I had only been to them three of five times. And at this time I was in Vietnam and I heard about TTs passing and I was just grieving like crazy and she came to me. She's like get in touch with my sister. And Is said okay, sure as I literally emailed her, and I'm like Miko I don't even know if you remember me, but I have a message here from Titi. And in that moment it was, I actually spoke to Miko, her son, and her parents. And the message that Titi wanted to convey was that she, this wasn't the choice she made That she was okay but she also didn't want to have her sister sort of spread the message about mental illness and how we as a community need to you know accept that people will have certain challenges and it's okay. It doesn't matter. No matter how beautiful you are, how rich you are, etc. She has some personal messages from her nephew. Her nephew had given her some flowers. A yellow flower he had put in her hair when she was in the casket and it made her feel amazing. And he said, my God when I did it she looked As though she smiled and I said yes she knew that. My gosh. I'm sure it gives a lot of closure [INAUDIBLE] families. So much closure. All right, so we're ready for you to do some live readings right now and your first reading will be with me Zya. Okay great, even better. So it's now time for you to read me, all right. [LAUGH] So [INAUDIBLE] I wanna ask is, what sort of energy are you getting from me right now? You're very sophisticated. You're very well Together you're going to quite far in your career. Thank you. Just stay focused. I think for you it's going to be key over these next few years not to tell too many people of your plans, okay? Find a few people that you trust to guide you and that's it. I feel as you continue to rise, there will be some people you will have to let go, okay? Let go. Some people you will have to let go. I'm feeling a romantic energy from you right now. Do you want me to say anything or should I ->> No, let me see what I can pull. You're dating, yes? You are dating someone. I'm married. You're actually married. [MUSIC] Or do you want children soon? Soon yeah. Okay you might have a child in the next 18 months. Next 18 months? Well don't tell my employers that [LAUGH]. You might have a child in the next 18 months. Okay. I do think your husband is supportive of what you do but you guys need to communicate more especially as your time gets busier. It's going to be very important that you plan a family, plan that family. Families, so that you can understand who you are before and after the child, because it'll be a little challenging for you, accept the help from relatives you know, even if they can get on your nerves a bit because when you do you're going to need them for those first few months. But I see you doing very well and I see you doing really well in LA by the way. Thank you, I love LA Okay. That was really good, I have goosebumps. [LAUGH] Is there anyone from my past, perhaps, like deceased loved ones that is speaking to you right now? So many people here in the room, so I'm going to say a name, but it could be for anyone here in the room. Okay. There's a woman Sylvia coming up, do you know a Sylvia? No. She feels like an aunt on the mother's side. She might be a great aunt. Okay. [MUSIC] She might be for her. I'm not sure. It's for someone off camera. It could be someone off camera, yeah because we got so many people here. So many people here. Yeah, wow that's crazy how that works. So that the energy- Mm-hm. Is sort of comes and forms at you. Yeah All right, thank you for that. Now let's do some readings for our viewers. Okay Now you say you can do readings over Facebook. Yes Now how does that work? Well energy goes through everything Everything. It doesn't really matter, I do most of my readings via phone and Skype. I was mostly overseas when I was doing it, most of my clients are back in the US. I don't need a lot, I just don't really need a lot. It's really, I'm getting the information from their auric field, as well as my guides. So I'm getting- Wow. My gosh. So I don't need a lot. You don't need a lot. And I will ask questions, and I felt a romantic energy, I didn't feel the marriage though. Sometimes it's not always 100%. It's never 100% clear, it's not a perfect science. I don't know really what is. Well Kayla has been manning the comments, so we have some good comments, right Kayla? What do we? Yeah, we have a few. Yeah, we got a few, so let's start with them. Okay, well people are coming in. Okay, now this one young lady is moving so fast. Let's see. Okay. How do we stop it? Any way to like to just pause on one of them. Kayla's got it. So interesting. Technology and psychic readings. Okay. Rochelle has, this is an easy one. Okay. Rochelle says, hello, Zaya, I would like to move back to Cali. Is that coming up soon? Where am I looking? Here? Hi, Rochelle. Moving back to Cali I've got two years to move back to Cali, but there seems to be some things to take care of financially where you are. You may want to consider moving up...a little bit more in your career. And then once you get to the title that you want and you have a little bit of seasoning underneath your belt, then that would be a good time for you to move back to California. Also understand that you're still adapting to where you are now, so give yourself a time to adapt to where you are and enjoy the moment. Okay? Wow. That was for Rochelle. Rochelle's moving back to Cali. Maybe in 2 years. This other person's name is Michelle heaven sent with me love, Thomas. Okay. And it says, will my marriage take place next year in May as planned or sooner? [LAUGH] Does Michelle have a, okay you'll tell us Is there a partner in the works? Yes. Okay. Michelle, I have to be honest. I think you need to really make sure that you want to be married and really go over what you really want our of your life. I'm not I'm not sure if it will take place next May or sooner. I think you need to reconsider a lot of things and be clear as to why you two are getting married and be very clear on what you want for your life to look like as a marriage. Okay? Get really clear on that because I am seeing that there's a lot of question marks or some Flags that you may wanna wait a while before you walk down that aisle, that's what I'm getting. I hate delivering news like that. Okay I know that's so hard right but you have to tell the people. Well yes and again okay. Let's just try get one more. Okay where is Dremmler, Dremmler had a really good one. Okay, this is for Dremmler, okay, Dremmler says, I'm gonna funk, what I feel like I'm in a whole in my career and this comes back to some jealous friends. I have that I got rid of but steel feel like they still have on my successes. how can I pull myself out? Okay. So Dremmler what I'm getting from you is that, you have to let go of the past meaning that you still have This one image of yourself and you haven't moved forward as to who you are today. Do not worry about people looking at you, or whatever they're doing. They have no impact on your career. One of the things that you can get, you can get some black tourmaline or black obsidian. Those are two healing crystals that protect you from psychic attacks, negative energy, as well as anybody that is kind of coming in and trying to bring you down. Also take some time to step away from social media. Take some time to just get into yourself and understand who you are. And get back to your core as to what you're searching for. That's why you're in the funk, because you haven't taken the time to do some soul searching. So, that's what I'm getting for Dremmler. Okay, could we get one more. Yeah. That's You know what? This is really just good life advice generally. Don't get married until you're ready, do some soul searching. Let's see what else you got, cuz I'm soaking it up. I mean that's the thing, a lot of times, okay, this one woman. Okay, Melinda Arathor, and let's see, do we have another one? Yeah. Okay. Facebook. Okay. Incredible Crazy It is really crazy. Okay, Andrea Vital Bersard. How's my financial future looking? Okay, Andrea Vital Bersard says how does my financial future look? [MUSIC] What I'm getting for Andrea is that it looks good but you need to for these 6 to 18 months, you need to be very conservative in your spending. Very conservative in your spending. If you get a raise, or you start making more money cuz I feel like you may have a side hustle or be an entrepreneur, Act like you never got that extra money, okay. Save it, pay off a few bills, but that's what you need to do. And really plan for the next three to five years financially. I do get that there's going to be a big bump coming up in the next six months, but if you spend it too high, or you don't plan it properly you'll find yourself back in the same hole. On the same font. Yeah. Yeah. Really good advice, Zya. Thank you, so much. Thank you. Zya, thank you so much for stopping through. If people weren't able to get a reading with you today, how can they get in touch with you? Yeah, you can book a reading with me at www.Zya. Global. Okay, perfect. Make sure you check it out. Now quick reminder, there is no Essence Live next week but for a good reason. We'll be at Essence festival. Yes, Essence is bringing Hollywood to you with exclusive access to your favorite celebs, with cast conversations, meet and greet, sneak pics and full Screening, yeah. Now download the Essence Fest app for the full schedule and your Essence fan pass to get your free, free entertainment all access pass to experience Disney studio, Universal Pictures Girl's trip, Own, Fox Network's Empire and Star. Plus, you'll get more from TNT, HBO on Netflix, ABC. FX and Starz. And it's all free. Get this, it's all free, every day at the convention center. You don't want to miss it. And thanks to all our guests for stopping through. If you missed any of today's show, you can catch the replay shortly on And see all our videos on our YouTube page. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, and we'll see you right here on Tuesday, July the 11th for an all new Essence Live. I'm Makho Ndlovu, bye. [MUSIC]

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ESSENCE is set to premiere its first live talk show geared toward African-American women on Twitter today.

ESSENCE Nowformerly ESSENCE Live — will stream live on Twitter every Tuesday from 3-3:30 PM (ET).

The weekly talk show, hosted by entertainment correspondent Makho Ndlovu, will continue to bring audiences the best in Black culture with a focus on entertainment, politics, fashion, love and relationships, along with viewer favorites like the “Hot List,” “Slayed or Shade” and “Kitchen Table Talk.” HBO is the launch sponsor for Tuesday’s episode, which will feature rapper 2 Chainz.

The new platform will integrate live comments utilizing Twitter polls and questions from the Twitter audience using the hashtag #ESSENCENow – enabling fans to connect and participate from anywhere in the world.

Don’t miss your chance to hang out with the hottest celebrities and engage with the ESSENCE family on ESSENCE Now, here.