ESSENCE Fest Headliner Kendrick Lamar Drops Spoken-Word Video
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Kendrick Lamar is on such a roll right now that he can do pretty much whatever he wants and it’s dope. After the March 4 release of untitled unmastered via a link on Twitter, now he’s dropping a spoken-world video to celebrate the Reebok Classic Leather sneaker he grew up rocking. 

In the compelling, 30-second commercial, he walks through a castle dining room to the study, where he stares at the gold chandelier and abstract artwork. As he’s walking, he reflects on staying true to his authentic self amidst the glitz of fame. 

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Lamar recites: “From the very heart of me, belief becomes action and no distractions will take my eyes off the prize/Greatness is my goal, but there’s failure on the way/Full of insecurity, self-hate and doubt/But what I can’t control can’t confine me/And what I can’t do can’t stop me/This is how I express myself/Not how I follow others’ expectations, but how I stay true.”

The rapper—who is a headlining performer at ESSENCE Fest, held June 30-July 3 in New Orleans—is not into partnering with brands just to make bank, so check out the commercial below:

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