Erica Campbell’s Daughter Opens Up About Being Bullied Because of Her Dark Skin
TV One

Growing up can be tough. You not only have to learn how to navigate the world, but childhood is far too often filled with bullies that can make your life a living hell.

Many kids suffer in silence, but on a recent episode of TV One’s new reality show, We’re The Campbells, Krista Campbell — the eldest daughter of Mary Mary star Erica Campbell and producer Warryn Campbell — opened up about being targeted because of her skin color.

During the episode, Krista tells her mom that when she was in the fifth grade, a few girls at school called her “darkie” and refused to play with her, and the traumatic moment has had a lasting impact on her self-esteem.

Erica is shocked to hear about her daughter’s ordeal and decides to introduce her to Kheris Rogers, a young social media influencer who proudly embraces her dark skin.

Krista isn’t the only one who’s dealing with colorism, however. In the episode, which dives into the topic, Warryn breaks the news to Joi, an artist he’s working with, that several record executives have told him that she’s talented, but they would rather sign a “white person that sings like that” instead of a darker skinned Black woman. The news makes her question her desire to pursue music professionally.

In spite of the progress we’ve made, colorism is still a huge issue in communities of color.

Skin-bleaching creams are extremely popular around Asia and Africa, and here in the U.S., people with darker skin are often passed over for jobs, given longer prison sentences, and are likely viewed as being less intelligent by whites.


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