‘Empire’ Recap: He’s Our Lucious
Chuck Hodes/ Fox

We all knew karma would catch up to Lucious at some point. But the way in which he got his comeuppance on the fall finale of Empire was nothing shy of spectacular. First, Mimi tricked him and recorded his dastardly plans to usurp the board and push the Swift Stream deal through without their approval. Then, his old enemy Camilla popped up on Wednesday’s episode. Turns out she’s married to Mimi. Whoa. Then Mimi and Camilla’s plan to oust Lucious as head of the company worked. It worked! Of course the plan only worked because Hakeem really hates his daddy and that falls under karma too. Oh Lucious, you had that coming, buddy. Twitter thought so too.

Somebody help Lucious pick his face up off the floor #Empire pic.twitter.com/TNF6rFlwSz

— Odell Beckham Jr. (@CallMe_Sire) December 3, 2015



LORDT! @NaomiCampbell came back to snatch Lucious’ wig! #Empire

— TV After Dark (@TVAfterDark) December 3, 2015



That said, we felt sympathy for Lucious. Yes, he’s dirty and yes he’s hurt Cookie, Andre, Jamal, Hakeem, Anika, Bunkie, Vernon, the lady prosecutor and that one homeless man. Heck, the list is too long to include everybody’s name. But the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For the Devil” is our jam and when Lucious started shooting stuff and crying, we felt for him. We weren’t alone. Even Cookie wiped his tears and gave him a pep talk. At the end of the day, he’s our Lucious. He’s rotten, and petty, and mean but we like it and Hakeem – abused and all – should’ve had Lucious’ back the way his mother and brothers did. Family first, Hakeem. Family first.


Hakeem naive af #Empire

— Deon won’t change (@Keep_your_lies_) December 3, 2015





Hakeem done did it now. It was nice knowing you. #empire

— Essence Magazine (@essencemag) December 3, 2015



Sadly, karma also caught up to Rhonda who got pushed down the stairs by a masked assailant who was more than likely crazy Anika. But hey, Rhonda did kill Vernon.

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Who did this? #Empire pic.twitter.com/TUab2gVizU

— 93.7 The Beat (@937thebeat) December 3, 2015



Other high points included Lucious’ predictable but still entertaining response to Jamal and Skye’s relationship, Tiana performing (we missed you, girl!), Lucious calling Laz Rico Suave, Hakeem’s little girl fan base at the prison, Jamal’s Pepsi commercial, Andre acknowledging how horrible the Lyons have been to Anika, the prisoner lady singing “Drip Drop,” Jamal and Lucious getting nominated for song of the year and cameos from Charlamagne Tha God, Da Brat, Jason Derulo, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.


I’m still messed up from #Empire but I love that @JoelMadden and @nicolerichie made an appearance

— morgan (@morgalina_) December 3, 2015



While it was awesome seeing Charlamagne Tha God, that was messed up how he did Skye. Da Brat’s character Jezzy was also more than a little harsh to Cookie. But with karma being the name of the game, both Skye and Cookie did some dirt and got hurt. Skye ignored her roots for too long and Cookie didn’t stay in touch with her prison girls.


Aww man. Skye and Jamal are breaking up #Empire pic.twitter.com/GVagEohjr1

— SourceAshley (@WrecklessLove) December 3, 2015



Other low points included Jamal and Skye’s relationship ending before it barely started (see the tweet above), Cookie’s Matrix-inspired dress, Anika being too crazy to live, Camilla sexually molesting Hakeem, Cookie spitting on Camilla and the fact that we have to wait until March to see how season two shakes out. Nooooo! Not March!


What did you think of the fall finale of Empire and how will you survive for the next four months? Weigh in below.