‘Empire’ Recap: 3 Hookups, 2 Hidden Agendas, and 1 Case of PTSD
Chuck Hodes/ Fox

Only Empire could squeeze three hookups, two hidden agendas and one really bad case of PTSD into a single episode. But the writers did it and fans ate it up Wednesday night.

My jaw dropped forreal when I saw this episode of #Empire

— AV (@withloveAV) November 5, 2015




Let’s start with Hakeem’s kidnapping and release. Homeboy was so loco when his captors freed him that he decided to immediately bump uglies with Anika instead of, oh we don’t know, going to see his parents who paid his ransom and worried sick about him? Yeah. That’s Hakeem for you. That said we were concerned with his mental state and his crippling PTSD. Dude was shoving women, breaking glasses and pulling guns. Did they do more than beat him up? A number of viewers on Twitter were curious and worried, too.


OMG. I think Hakeem was raped. His actions afterward point to that. #Empire

— Son of Baldwin (@SonofBaldwin) November 5, 2015



In the end, neither the doctor nor Hakeem said what happened. Hakeem also didn’t point the gun at old boy’s privates, so all we can do is assume he was roughed up but not raped. Hopefully, in the coming weeks we’ll get a more definitive answer instead of relying on interpretation and tweets. As for consensual hookups, Hakeem’s choice to quickly bed Anika is suspect and – let’s face it — just plain wrong. We know Anika is unemployed and vulnerable but what is going on with this character? She seems to know nothing about headhunters or LinkedIn, online dating or even Jesus. Anika is just a gorgeous woman wandering around New York with no job, no hope and all the time in the world to be abused and used by the Lyons who keep closing doors in her face. Really?


Anika so lonely smh. Her storyline has to start making sense #Empire

— Lady CEO (@tamikanewhouse) November 5, 2015



Meanwhile, Becky got her groove on and threw her legs around her hot rapper boyfriend. Although some tweeters stooped low and ragged on Becky for her size – stop that! – others celebrated her fearless sexuality. Get it, Becky. We see you, girl.


Don’t hate on Becky and some of you hoes can’t even get a text back #empire pic.twitter.com/7IN8c9tKor

— DeMarko Gage 🙂 (@DeMarko_Gage) November 5, 2015



Last, but definitely not least, Cookie hooked up with Laz who had all of our tongues wagging until it was revealed via his tattoo that he’s in cahoots with the kidnapping thugs. Man. Cookie cannot find real love. That said, great twist.


My reaction to Laz’s tattoo on #Empire pic.twitter.com/oz80BWZbUl

— Marcos Mateo Ochoa (@MarcoMateoOchoa) November 5, 2015

Other high notes included Laura singing Hakeem back to some semblance of normalcy, Jamal and Andre being there for Hakeem when he needed them the most, Cookie rolling up on the kidnappers with Hakeem’s gun and Hakeem and Laura’s song “Runnin.” 



Dollars in the bank #Empire pic.twitter.com/uuPzCmTSBJ

— ☪rown✨ (@Crown_Chris1) November 5, 2015



Low points included Lucious’ desire to see Hakeem fail, Lucious giving the beat he created for Hakeem to Freda Gatz, Freda Gatz kicking a heckler in the face and Lucious kicking the van driver in the face. So Freda is Lucious’ new Hakeem, huh? Weird.


Overall, “A High Hope For a Low Heaven” was an entertaining episode.


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