Eddie Murphy Isn’t Letting The Pressure Of Returning To Stand-Up Get To Him
Photo by Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

Eddie Murphy isn’t worried about returning to stand-up, he just wants to make sure it’s “as funny as possible.” 

The actor-comedian, who stars in Netflix’s new Dolemite Is My Name, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he told host Jimmy Kimmel that he’s not worried about the pressure of returning or living up to his legacy.

“I don’t be worrying about stuff like that. I tend to think constructively if I’m doing something creative,” Murphy told Kimmel. “I’m thinking about making it as funny as possible because I wanna shut sh*t down when I do it but I don’t be thinking like ‘What’s gonna happen? What’re they gonna say? Are they gonna put me on YouTube?’ That’s just part of the world now.”

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Murphy has quite the year ahead of him. Along with Dolemite Is My Name and his return to stand-up, he’ll host Saturday Night Live on December 21. The actor’s gearing up for Coming 2 America, the sequel to 1988’s Coming To America, set for release next year.

Recently, the comedian has also apologized for homophobic remarks made during past stand-up appearances, telling The New York Times it was “ignorant.”