Sheriff’s Deputy Got Fired After Pretending to Be Denzel Washington… On The Job
Warner Brothers/Getty Images

We’ve probably all practiced our best Denzel Washington impressions in the mirror or with a friend, but one Florida deputy recently decided to try out his on the job.

According to WESH Orlando, Deputy Dean Zipes was fired in April after brandishing his weapon and quoting Denzel’s iconic lines from Training Day.

An internal affairs report noted that Zipes waved his taser and pistol in the direction of a convenience store while out with a police trainee. The deputy also pulled out his firearm in an office setting on two occasions, pretended to draw his gun at a pizza delivery driver, became upset after not receiving free coffee at Starbucks, and used racial slurs. 

The officer also joked that the pizza delivery person he pretended to draw his weapon on was alleged murderer, Markeith Loyd.

Well, Zipes may not have a future in law enforcement after all this, but maybe he’s got one in acting.


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