While most 10 year-old boys are feverishly awaiting the latest video game release or engaging in friendly sibling rivalries, Queens, NY-born Dax Rey is acting in films with Oscar-winning thespians like Mahershala Ali and scene stealers such as Naomie Harris.

Rey, who resides with his proud parents, older sister Daphne and their beloved dog, Daisy, lives a pretty normal life when he’s not auditioning for roles to work alongside household names, attending red carpet premieres, or starring in viral television commercials for huge brands like Hersey’s.

We caught up with the precocious tween who now calls Dallas, TX home to discuss what it was like working with Hollywood heavy hitters Ali and Harris in his new film, Swan Song, why his first red carpet premiere gave his facial muscles a workout, and his undeniable affection for Legos and cupcakes. Spoiler alert: He’s definitely leaving a snack for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Congratulations on the release of your first major film, Swan Song! Share a brief synopsis of it for those who might not have seen the film yet.

DAX REY: Basically, it’s about a dad (Mahershala Ali) who’s sick and can die. His family (Naomie Harris plays his wife and I play his son) is having a tough time. He doesn’t want his family to know he is sick, so he goes to a place to hire a clone to go live with his family.

You had the opportunity to work with stellar actors Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali in this film. What was that like and what did you learn from them?

REY: They were kind and treated me like they were my own mom and dad. They taught me to keep putting in the work. They made it fun. There were times that were hard and scary [to film] but I kept on going. Naomi played jacks and had pillow fights with me. Mahershala told me it’s okay to be sensitive.

Swan Song has a science-fiction element to it as well, right?

REY: Yes. It has a really good storyline. There is one scene where I had to act like I was playing a video game, and the director told me that when they edited it, it was going to look like I’m playing with a hologram. And it did! It looked so cool and futuristic. Ben [Cleary] is a great director.

Tell me about the Swan Song film premiere in Los Angeles. What was it like being on the red carpet?

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REY: The most fun part about it was how many people there were and taking pictures with the paparazzi. I was smiling so much, my cheeks started to hurt. (laughs)

In addition to Los Angeles, I understand you and your family enjoy traveling all over the world together. Where is your favorite destination thus far and where would you still like to go?

REY: Paris was cool! We went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and we went to Disney. I want to go to Singapore because I want to stay at the really nice and clean hotel with a pool at the top.

Impressive. What do your friends say about you being in a major motion picture and flying to LA to attend fancy premieres?

REY: Honestly, they don’t care. All my friends do every day is go to school and play video games so they just want me to hurry back to join them.

That will help keep you humble. When you’re not working or playing video games, what do you enjoy doing?

REY: I love Lego sets. I just love building them. I have three Lego sets right now. I actually need space for more. And I love eating cupcakes. Chocolate and vanilla are my favorite flavors. 

Speaking of food…Are you planning to leave milk and cookies out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?

REY: Well, yes. A man’s got to eat.I want him to bring me a lot of Lego sets. And maybe a new computer.