<p>Get Ready To See Dave Chappelle In A Romantic Comedy</p>

The comedian will star in this classic remake about a singer who rises to fame. 


It’s been three years since we’ve seen Dave Chappelle on the big screen, but the new project he signed up for is a perfect welcome back.

The comedian will star in the upcoming remake of A Star is Born alongside Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (as Stefani Germanotta); this is the third time the film will be remade by Hollywood. 

As reported by Deadline, Chappelle will play “Noodles,” an old friend of Jackson Maine (Cooper), the country music star who is on the brink of decline when he discovers a talented unknown named Ally (Germanotta). When her career eclipses Jackson’s own, he finds it increasingly hard to handle his fading glory.

Like the 1976 classic with Barbra Streisand, this version is said to be a romantic comedy, and with the likes of Chappelle, it should be hilarious. The remake is currently being filmed and is due to hit theaters in 2018.

Chappelle has a long acting career, with his last film being Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq. Last March, he did a three-part standup special for Netflix where he reportedly made $60 million.

Glow up, brotha.