‘The Daily Show’s’ Roy Wood Jr. Flawlessly Explains Black Twitter
Jason Kempin

Monday night, The Daily Show‘s Roy Wood Jr. presented a segment for those who don’t frequent Twitter or have only recently been introduced to the social media site and Black Twitter.

What is Black Twitter? Wood hilariously breaks down what it is and how Black people have contributed to the site with the help of writer Elon James White and Jamilah Lemieux, Vice President of Interactive One’s News and Men’s Programming.

“It’s just really an extension of how we communicate in our neighborhoods, in our barber shops, in our churches, in our schools. It is our village,” Lemieux says. 

Wood hilariously compares Black Twitter to Harlem, “Black folks made it cool, now white folks are trying to move in.”

Black people make up 25 percent of Twitter and both White and Wood point out the movements Black Twitter has started and the communities ability to force conversations about important issues.  

“Black experience in America is diverse,” Wood says,” but more importantly, it’s vocal. So, if you’re wondering how to find Black Twitter, it’s probably not for you.”


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