Colin Kaepernick continues to use his platform to fight systemic injustice and police brutality.

Teaming up with Paper, the athlete and activist stepped in as guest editor for the magazine’s current issue highlighting his Know Your Rights campaign.

Kaepernick tapped fellow activists and stars like Eric Reid, Ava DuVernay, Indya Moore, Yara Shahidi, the Exonerated Five and more to continue the conversation around social justice and reform.

“I was invited by @papermagazine to showcase the work we’ve been doing with @yourrightscamp,” Kaepernick shared on Twitter. “We curated this issue highlighting those that have also been taking action in their respective spaces surrounding our Know Your Rights 10 Points. Excited to share this with you!”

According to the Know Your Rights mission statement, the free campaign works to “to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders.”

The program has held workshops and camps in New York City, New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland and Miami.

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The camp is pillared around ten principles inspired by the Black Panther Party’s Ten-Point Platform and Program:

You have the right to be Free
You have the right to be Healthy
You have the right to be Brilliant
You have the right to be Safe
You have the right to be Loved
You have the right to be Courageous
You have the right to be Alive
You have the right to be Trusted
You have the right to be Educated
You have the right to Know Your Rights

Kaepernick told Paper, “This movement needs all types of people. From athletes to healers to poets and artists to scholars and lawyers, we need everyone to contribute to the struggle. The struggle is affecting all of us. Period.”


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