Setting your intentions with high hopes for the new year? Let Cardi B help.

The rapper/entrepreneur is partnering with Messenger for Clairvoyant Cardi—a one-of-a-kind experience that will allow users to message a special Cardi B Instagram account and get a 2021 reading from her.

This opportunity to get Cardi’s insight on your fortune begins on December 26 at 12 am ET and ends promptly at 2:59 am ET on January 2. All you have to do is send a message to @CardiBTruthTeller on Instagram.

“With the recently updated Messenger experience on Instagram, there are even more ways to connect with friends, loved ones, and now Cardi B,” a rep said via email. “Astrology believers can connect with Clairvoyant Cardi for a 2021 reading to receive words of wisdom curated by Cardi (through the magic of an automated chat experience).”

Users can also utilize the forwarding feature located in Messenger to share their fortune with friends and family.

This is the second time Cardi has partnered with Messenger to bring her fans some joy. The first time was on December 17, when she announced news of her comedic limited series Cardi Tries. On the show, you can watch the “Money” rapper trying new things—like making sushi, dancing with Debbie Allen, and shooting hoops with NBA stars. Fan can interact and stream Cardi Tries on Watch Together by Facebook.

Now the “Supreme Truth Teller” will be interacting with fans more directly through her new year readings and intention setting. Thankfully, we can count on Cardi to keep our spirits high and give an unforgettable astrological experience to wrap up 2020.

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