Chase Makes It Clear That ‘Insecure’ Character Tasha Does Not Work There

For most of us, it’s not quite clear which bank Insecure’s Tasha (Dominique Perry) works at, but Chase has made it quite clear that she is not employed there.

If you recall, Tasha and Lawrence (Jay Ellis) hooked up at the end of Insecure’s first season — sorry, not sorry for the spoiler. And, if you’ve been keeping up, the two are in an unclear situation-ship. 

Anyway, Chase got caught up in this mess when Twitter user Charles J. Moore’s remarked, “Those idiots probably called every Chase Bank in LA to see if Tasha worked there.”  Wrong! The bank squashed any rumors about Tasha’s employment with one of the best tweets ever.

“Look, we’re Team Issa and Lawrence too,” Chase wrote, “but Tasha doesn’t work here.”




Honestly, whoever is running Chase’s Twitter account deserves the day off after that one. They’ve made it quite clear that you will not besmirch Chase’s good name with this Tasha drama.

While the bank has cleared that up, we’re still wondering which financial institution Tasha works for —because we’d like to avoid it.

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