19 Celebrity Shocks, Scandals, And WTF Moments Of 2016

2016 has been one wild ride.

Sydney Scott Dec, 16, 2016

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When you think about it, we’ve never seen the Carters really hang out with the Kardashian-Wests, but we never expected their friendship to completely deteriorate. During his Saint Pablo tour, ‘Ye fired shots at music’s biggest couple. After calling out Jay for not stopping by to check on Kim after her robbery, hit Tidal v. Apple drama, and not planning any play dates for North West and Blue Ivy, ‘Ye took a shot at Beyoncé. "Beyoncé, I was hurt because I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me and 'Hotline Bling.  He went on to add, "Now, don’t go dissing Beyoncé, but sometimes we be playing the politics too much and forget who we are just to win.” Guess, Blue and North will never have that play date.

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The flirting and will-they-won’t-they, push-pull between Drake and Rihanna finally resulted in the two officially getting together — maybe. The two allegedly went on a date to  Ripley’s Aquarium, where Drake picked up a stuffed shark for RiRi, and later, the “Work” singer got a shark tattoo to remember the moment. Rihanna even acknowledged Drake at the VMAs, even allowing him to kiss her on the cheek. The couple’s alleged romance was short lived, however, with rumors that Drake had moved on with India Love.

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  1. In November, the internet was thrown into chaos after an alleged personal photo of R&B singer Ginuwine leaked. He addressed the photo, tweeting, "Everybody keep talking about pics and all SO WHAT!!! We all trust people at times that we shouldn't won't say names as of now!!! Stay tuned."

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While in Paris for fashion week, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint by two men who burst into her apartment, gagged and tied her up, before making off with $9 million worth of jewelry. Understandably, Kardashian was shaken and has since taken a break from the spotlight and social media.

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The television personality and former football player celebrates his birthday Nov. 21.

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Some people were pretty excited about Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation, then Parker’s rape allegations took center stage. Parker went on a PR tour to tackle the media storm head on, but did more harm then good, using poor excuses — there is no excuse — for his actions and behavior against a female student while at Penn State.

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Leslie Jones is one of the most delightful comedians around and her Twitter is full of cute jokes and, sometimes, thirst tweets. But, following her role in Ghostbusters, trolls and angry little white men everywhere began to attack Jones online. It soon culminated in Jones leaving Twitter. When she returned the battle continued before hackers posted racist images and personal photos of Jones online. But, trolls couldn’t keep the Saturday Night Live star down, she returned to Twitter after the hack with a Golden Girls tweet and another thanking fans for their support, "Thanks to my fans and friends! I'm soooooo ok really. And I will always be funny been through a lot in my life and I ALWAYS GET BACK UP!"

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Lemonade was the album that launched 1000 think pieces and rumors. Following the release of her stellar sixth studio album, people began to speculate about who the album was about, specifically the line about “Becky with the good hair.” Rachel Roy got tons of heat after posting a shady Instagram and even Rita Ora got a little heat after rocking a “J” necklace and a top with lemons on it. We may never know who Becky is, but Bey gave us a fire album, so who cares. 

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After canceling the remaining 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour, Kanye West was hospitalized. It was reported that following an incident at his trainer’s home the raper was taken to UCLA Medical center for severe sleep deprivation and exhaustion. In the released 911 call a man who identified himself as one of West's doctors said, "I think he’s definitely going to need to be hospitalized. I wouldn’t just do the police by itself.” After more than a week, West was released from the hospital.

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The singer threw himself a super sweet 18 with a theme inspired by MIchael Jackson's Off the Wall. He hosted two events in one night: a party for fans and a party for celebs.

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In bizarre news, Azealia Banks somehow ended up at a party thrown by Russell Crowe earlier this, accompanying RZA as one of his guests. Things took a turn for the worse, however when Crowe and Banks got into an altercation. Banks alleged that Crowe called her the n-word, spit on her, and choked her. RZA, though, denied Banks’ account and claimed she was tossed out of the party after threatening to stab a woman and calling Crowe and guests “boring white men.” No charges were pressed and eventually Crowe was cleared. 

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Kylie Jenner rightly predicted that this year would be the year of realizing things, but I doubt even she realized that this would be the year of Blac Chyna. After feuding with Jenner over her inappropriate relationship with ex-fiancé Tyga, Chyna bounced back in January by taking her relationship with Rob Kardashian public, causing the internet and the Kardashians to go into chaos. Soon, the two were engaged, then pregnant, then maybe broke up, then got back together, then Chyna was filing for a trademark for the name “Angela Renée Kardashian,” which will be her name once she marries Rob. Last month, Chyna gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Dream Kardashian and, after a brief trademark dispute with the Kardashian sisters, things seem to be going well. 

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“Famous” became one of Kanye’s most talked about songs after the release of The Life of Pablo, primarily because of his lyrics about Taylor Swift, which the singer denied approving. Welp, that was a lie! Kim and Kanye put Taylor on blast by posting footage of Taylor’s approval in Snapchat. Kim also fired a shot, tweeting, "Wait it's legit National Snake Day?!?!?They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days!"

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In April, we were all shocked by the unexpected passing of musical icon Prince. The singer was found unresponsive in his Paisley Park home and pronounced dead on the scene. Later, it was revealed that Prince had passed from an opioid overdose. The entire world mourned the late legends passing, which came just a few months after David Bowie’s passing. President Obama and the  First Lady even issued a statement, saying, "Nobody's spirit was stronger, bolder, or more creative."

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Baby mama drama is nothing new in the world of celebrity entertainment, but things get insane when you throw in a leaked video. Back in March, video leaked of Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young confessing to cheating on fiancé Iggy Azalea, the video was recorded by Young’s teammate D’Angelo Russell. Later, Azalea allegedly had Young’s car towed, but denied it, saying, "I never had anyone's car towed nor did I kick nick out of 'my’ house.” But, the drama didn’t end there. Young’s ex and mother of his 4-year-old son later confirmed that the two were expecting their second child after rekindling their romance three months after Young and Azalea got engaged. 

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U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte went to Rio to compete in the Olympics, but ended up making an ass of himself. After his mom told the world that he and a few teammates had been robbed at gunpoint, Lochte’s story started to unravel. Eventually, it was revealed that  the group had gotten drunk during a night of partying and video showed a  man confronting the group after they damaged a bathroom door, soap dispenser, and mirror at a gas station. Lochte lost endorsements — but later competed on Dancing With the Stars — and was banned from swimming for 10 months.

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Back in January, Kanye West got a bad case of Twitter fingers and started a feud with Wiz Khalifa after misunderstanding that Khalifa’s trademark “KK’’ stood for “Khalifa Kush” not “Kim Kardashian.” The “Ultralight Beam” rapper went on to bring up Khalifa’s relationship with Amber Rose and their son Sebastian, tweeting, "I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years,” followed by, "You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me.” You don’t bring kids into an argument and ‘Ye learned that real quick when Amber fired off, "Awww @kanyewest are u mad I'm not around to play in ur asshole anymore? #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch,” adding, "Lol @kanyewest Now u wanna delete ur tweets cuz Muva has arrived? #TwitterFingers.” West quickly apologized, then deleted the tweets.

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We’re not sure what’s going on with Orlando Brown, but it’s been a wild year for the former That’s So Raven star. Earlier this year the actor alleged that Rave-Symone aborted his baby, he’s spent most of the year firing shots at the actress, which probably explains why he won’t be showing up in the That’s So Raven spinoff. There’s also those Vlad TV interviews where he give deets on his alleged relationship with Raven and alleges that he tried to have Moesha actor Marcus Paulk kidnapped.

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If there’s anyone who may have had a crazier year than Orlando Brown, it’s Katt Williams. He got into a fight at a Beanie Sigel concertmanhandled by a middle schooler, and banned from two Georgia counties.