In what likely will become the best thing to come out of 2020, Brandy and Monica (or Monica and Brandy) announced that they will go head-to-head in what’s to become a historic Verzuz battle this Monday live from Tyler Perry Studios. And it’s still safe to say our inner ’90s homegirl is still freaking out.

More than 20 years ago, the duo faced off on the track “The Boy Is Mine,” which appeared on Brandy’s 1998 album, Never Say Never, and nothing was ever the same. These ladies changed the course of R&B (and the culture) for years to come and inspired some of our favorite songstresses to date, such as Keyshia Cole, Ashanti, Ciara and—dare we say it—Beyoncé.

But what’s even better, even though they have gone on to become larger-than-life pop stars, their songs still jam even decades later. Ahead of this epic battle, relive these nostalgic hits from Brandy and Monica by adding these songs to your playlist.


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