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The Ultimate Black Twitter Dictionary

Contribute your own "shade," "tea" and "reads" by learning Black Twitter's official verbiage.

We’ve defined some of Black Twitter’s official verbage with help from some of our favorite Twitter all-stars. Contribute your own “shade,” “tea” and “reads” by learning the following:

BAE (noun): a person one has affectionate feelings for but may not be able to address by name due to lack of title

Example: @BrokeyMcPoverty: Once I changed bae’s name to “President Obama”and set that picture to it and pretended that Barack was blowing me up.

BEAT (adjective): wearing lots of makeup, which may or may not be a good thing. Synonym: snatched

Example: @Luvvie: Michelle’s face is beat like God’s favorite percussion instrument. Her stylist has won for tonight. Y’all clap for whoever that is!

BLOOP (verb): a sound effect meant to add emphasis

Example: @JoyAnnReid: Bloop! Ted Cruz asks his Facebook friends about Obamacare, gets an earful.

ICANT (phrase): when one can no longer mentally or emotionally put up with what is occurring

Example: @AntheaButler: What? #ICANT RT @thinkprogress: Romney gave free cars to welfare recipients.

LAWD (adverb): usually used to emphasize exasperation. Not to be confused with Jesus

Example: @abelleinBK: D’angelo’s voice? All these years later… Good Lawd. That falsetto? Filthy thoughts. And I like it!

LEVELS (adverb): something that’s more complicated than one cares to explain

Example: @YoungSinick: Clarence Thomas’s wife starts Tea Party group…Many levels of wrong.

READ (verb): a sharp criticism best served cold

Example: @KidFury: Somebody just read Austin Wilde with diamond-like precision. Insatiable is what I envision.

SHADE (adverb): a sometimes but not always subtle diss

Example: @BrokeyMcPoverty: Adding “no shade” to the end of a clearly shady statement is very fulfilling.

SLAY (verb): the act of doing your absolute best Derivative: slayed

Example: @GerrickKennedy: I don’t want anyone to pretend @4everBrandy didn’t slay that Whitney medley. Two Sunday’s Best stars were in the aisle next to me LIVING.

SLIPPIN (verb): putting oneself in a vulnerable place

Example: @YoungSinick: So yeah, Beyoncé knows there’s a camera in the elevator. Y’all ain’t catching the King slipping.

SNATCHED (adjective): one who’s pulled together in a favorable way. Usually in reference to one’s physical appearance Synonyms: slay, beat, laid

Example: @lovebscott: Let me get on to @Equinox. I have a “taping” next week to get snatched for and things of that nature!

TEA (noun): gossip that can be sipped or spilled

Example: @Luvvie: Meanwhile, the Gladiators got access to all of B613’s tea. ALL TEA! ALL LIPTON! ALL EARLYGREY! #Scandal

TURN UP (verb): a celebration that may vary in size and quality Antonym: turn down

Example: @GlitteryGlossy: #turnup RT @crissles: Can’t taste the liquor in this drink. #uhoh #uhoh #uhoh #ohnono

YAAAASS (adverb): Yes

Example: @bevysmith: YAAS Easter Sunday regalia, #ComeThrough pastels on browns GIRLS!

“YOU MAD OR NAH?” (phrase): a rhetorical question usually added when the answer is obvious Derivative: or nah?

Example: @dreamhampton: Did the people who talked about Beyoncé’s lack of humanity retract it when they learned she’s not performing in Israel, or nah?