We’ve defined some of Black Twitter’s official verbage with help from some of our favorite Twitter all-stars. Contribute your own “shade,” “tea” and “reads” by learning the following:

BAE (noun): a person one has affectionate feelings for but may not be able to address by name due to lack of title

Example: @BrokeyMcPoverty: Once I changed bae’s name to “President Obama”and set that picture to it and pretended that Barack was blowing me up.

BEAT (adjective): wearing lots of makeup, which may or may not be a good thing. Synonym: snatched

Example: @Luvvie: Michelle’s face is beat like God’s favorite percussion instrument. Her stylist has won for tonight. Y’all clap for whoever that is!

BLOOP (verb): a sound effect meant to add emphasis

Example: @JoyAnnReid: Bloop! Ted Cruz asks his Facebook friends about Obamacare, gets an earful.

ICANT (phrase): when one can no longer mentally or emotionally put up with what is occurring

Example: @AntheaButler: What? #ICANT RT @thinkprogress: Romney gave free cars to welfare recipients.

LAWD (adverb): usually used to emphasize exasperation. Not to be confused with Jesus

Example: @abelleinBK: D’angelo’s voice? All these years later… Good Lawd. That falsetto? Filthy thoughts. And I like it!

LEVELS (adverb): something that’s more complicated than one cares to explain

Example: @YoungSinick: Clarence Thomas’s wife starts Tea Party group…Many levels of wrong.

READ (verb): a sharp criticism best served cold

Example: @KidFury: Somebody just read Austin Wilde with diamond-like precision. Insatiable is what I envision.

SHADE (adverb): a sometimes but not always subtle diss

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Example: @BrokeyMcPoverty: Adding “no shade” to the end of a clearly shady statement is very fulfilling.

SLAY (verb): the act of doing your absolute best Derivative: slayed

Example: @GerrickKennedy: I don’t want anyone to pretend @4everBrandy didn’t slay that Whitney medley. Two Sunday’s Best stars were in the aisle next to me LIVING.

SLIPPIN (verb): putting oneself in a vulnerable place

Example: @YoungSinick: So yeah, Beyoncé knows there’s a camera in the elevator. Y’all ain’t catching the King slipping.

SNATCHED (adjective): one who’s pulled together in a favorable way. Usually in reference to one’s physical appearance Synonyms: slay, beat, laid

Example: @lovebscott: Let me get on to @Equinox. I have a “taping” next week to get snatched for and things of that nature!

TEA (noun): gossip that can be sipped or spilled

Example: @Luvvie: Meanwhile, the Gladiators got access to all of B613’s tea. ALL TEA! ALL LIPTON! ALL EARLYGREY! #Scandal

TURN UP (verb): a celebration that may vary in size and quality Antonym: turn down

Example: @GlitteryGlossy: #turnup RT @crissles: Can’t taste the liquor in this drink. #uhoh #uhoh #uhoh #ohnono

YAAAASS (adverb): Yes

Example: @bevysmith: YAAS Easter Sunday regalia, #ComeThrough pastels on browns GIRLS!

“YOU MAD OR NAH?” (phrase): a rhetorical question usually added when the answer is obvious Derivative: or nah?

Example: @dreamhampton: Did the people who talked about Beyoncé’s lack of humanity retract it when they learned she’s not performing in Israel, or nah?