After the Show: ‘Black-ish’ Covers Beef Plantations, Spoiled Kids and Ridin’ Dirty

The Beef Plantation featured on black-ish tonight, I imagine, is really like the Ponderosa, Denny’s, or [insert chain restaurant] our families had every celebration in when we were growing. The food was bad, the drinks cheap, and the service, worse than a dollar store. But really, did Andre really think his children would love any restaurant where the beef tastes like the “cow died of natural causes”?

And who can blame him? From the start, Anthony Anderson has said this show was largely based on his own life as someone who made it out of Compton but now struggles with teaching his own children how living a life with a fair amount of struggle can boost their survival skills. And so he resorts to the good old empty fridge trick and starts talking about ketchup, bologna, and baking soda sandwiches. Extreme, of course, but you remember some of the crazy, and somewhat delicious things we came up with growing up, like sugar water and mayonnaise sandwiches? Tell me you didn’t love sugar water?!

Tonight’s episode was probably familiar to a lot of us—no matter the race—who grew up with very little and are now raising children with a lot. Do you ever find yourself in the same situation with your kids?

A few random thoughts:

Why do Andre’s colleagues always give him the worst advice?

A pity casserole? What in the world is a pity casserole?

The scene of Rainbow riding dirty in diamonds and pearls was priceless.

Yass to Rainbow’s “Ballin’ out of control” gown!

Favorite Lines (because this show has some of the wittiest writers in town):

“It’s not empty, there are five meals in here.”

“You’re spoiled and I’m giving you the gift of hunger.”

“I can easily pass for a Samoan.”

“I have no molars. I never had taffy. Think about that.”

“Im about to make it rain up in the comic book sto!”

What was your favorite moment of tonight’s episode of black-ish?