After the Show: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby, and ‘Black-ish’
Talking about sex with your children can be weird. Walking in on your teen son pleasuring himself, even weirder. Black-ish gave us plenty of laughs tonight as Dre (Anthony Anderson) attempted to stay cool while having “the talk” with junior. Dre’s take was less “birds and the bees” and more “knocking the boots” and it turned into several hilarious segues about “oral,” Helen Mirren, and… what in the world is a “Triceratops”? Oh, wait. Ohhh, that sounds like it hurts. This episode brought back tons of memories. Remember when you had “the talk” with your parents? If your parents were from the “you got this” school of thought, chances are all you got was a box of condoms, like Dre. What kind of talk did you have with your parents about sex? And how are you talking to your children about sex? Random Thoughts: There were lots of clever lines on tonight’s episode, but the best belonged to Pops (Laurence Fishburne), like “Open dialogue with your kids ain’t natural. Show me one place in the Bible where a kid talks!
  • “I Morgan Freeman’d her” is definitely being added to our playbook.
  • Who wouldn’t want to meet Denzel Clooney Kodjoe Chestnut?
  • I had never heard the phrase “hand to gland combat.” Had you?
  • The idea that stretching is associated with being gay was mentioned twice. Am I missing something? #LMK
  • Where can we sign up for the TED Sex Talk?
What did you think of tonight’s episode of Black-ish?