Each February, the nation pauses to remember the contributions Black people have made and continue to make in the United States and around the world. But let’s get real: The fullness of Black history cannot be contained in only one month. Black people are so brilliant that each moment is Black history in the making.

During Black History Month, many people look back at artists who paved the way—like Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, and more—but, we can also look around. One of the most exciting times in Black culture, especially in music, is happening right now.

That’s why Spotify created Black History Is Now; a unique celebration of phenomenal Black music artists from the past, as well as current chart toppers making an impact today.

You can join the celebration in New York City on February 29 and March 1. This interactive experience will include a showcase of musical contributions that shaped the culture, as well as a curated collection of historic music moments with culture critic Jewel Wicker. Attendees can explore and obtain limited, exclusive pieces designed by fashion designer Joe Freshgoods and mixed-media artist Jamilla Okubo. To add to the excitement, they can also enjoy panels featuring top talent and check out unplugged performances. Click here to get more info on this incredible weekend.

Can’t make it to New York? No problem. With the Black History Hub on Spotify, you can experience the amplified music moments from wherever you are right now. Our favorite playlist, Black History Salute, has songs that have the power to define a moment in Black culture—from evoking community (thank you Swag Surf’n) to commenting on political climate and resistance (yes, Fela Kuti!), or simply giving us a reason to celebrate (hello, Celia Cruz).

Here are some of our go-to songs on this playlist. Though some of our musical icons are on this playlist, we also have contemporary Black artists featured as well.


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