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Bingeworthy on BET+! Here’s What to Watch

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Bingeworthy on BET+! Here’s What to Watch
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Pull up a couch cushion, grab some snacks, and get ready to binge your favorites, plus a new must-see show! The best part, they are all on BET+.

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Ok, let’s get into the hottest shows, you need to see right now—and start binging.

Bingeworthy on BET+! Here’s What to Watch

Sacrifice: Season One
What is it: Managing the lives and scandals of Hollywood’s elite is all in a day’s work for entertainment lawyer Daniella Hernandez, even as she tries to unlock the truth about her own past.

Why watch it: Based off the BET+ original movie of the same name, Paula Patton returns to lead this new series as high-profile lawyer Daniella Hernandez. In her role, Daniella navigates the complicated lives of her clients while uncovering the truth behind her family’s secretive past and the death of her parents. She is joined by returning cast members Marques Houston, James Trevena Brown, Veronika Bozeman, Altonio Jackson, Liliana Montenegro, Michael Toland, and Nelson Bonilla. Daniella is the classic conundrum of doing good for bad reasons and doing bad for good reasons. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s skill, maybe it’s because she’s beautiful, but Daniella gets away with it… so far.

Bingeworthy on BET+! Here’s What to Watch

Ruthless: Season Two
What is it: A spinoff of “The Oval,” this show follows Ruth Truesdale as she’s forced to play nice with a scandalous religious cult of powerful sex crazed fanatics in the hopes of freeing herself and her daughter.

Why watch it: In Season 1, Ruth, played by Melissa L. Williams, kidnaps her young daughter Callie and brings her to join the dangerous Rakadushi cult, and Brian, an FBI agent, embarks on a risky mission to infiltrate the cult. Season two reveals that many of the faithful followers have begun to uncover the evil beneath the surface of the Rakadushi movement with Ruth and several new fearless cult members trying to take control of their individual destinies.

Bingeworthy on BET+! Here’s What to Watch

American Gangster: Trap Queens Season Two
What is it: A new installment of the critically acclaimed American Gangster series that examines the lives and the legend behind some of America’s most notorious female criminals.

Why watch it: Narrated by Kimberly Jones, better known as rapper Lil Kim, the stories and crimes of Brandi Davis, Dwen Curry, and Tiffani Rose Peak are detailed and are presented through their reminiscences as well as first-person accounts from law enforcement, friends, and family. With charges ranging from grand larceny and fraud to drug trafficking, you’ll get an inside look at some of America’s most notorious crime lords.

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