Comedian and actor Bill Bellamy has been making us laugh for years and is credited for gifting the world with the phrase ‘’booty call.’’ 

Bellamy stopped by ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast to explain how the phrase came to be, revealing that it all started with a joke about hooking up on a Friday night. 

“I wrote this joke about what it’s like on a Friday night when you got that new apartment, you ain’t got a roommate, and you just gotta have some chicks come thru,” he said. 

The comedian joked that he was just writing about what guys do, going through their contacts to find someone to hook up with at the end of the week.

“You just keep going until you get someone, like, ‘Hey Felicia, what’s happening? Oh, yeah, come thru. What we gon’ do?’ And, she wants to come and be like, ‘We gon’ watch a movie, Bill.’ And, then the chick you really want to come, she’s got too many kids, so she can’t come out. So, you just got to go with what comes.”

He added, that often ladies will show up with an impatient friend, “she’s like the grenade,” who thwarts any attempts at hooking up with her friend. 

“I wrote the joke about that, cause every guy knows it’s true,” Bellamy added, “And, every chick knows a girl like that.” 

In 2001, Bill married his wife, Kristen Baker and the pair share two children.